Shades of Green

Jimmy and Marita in the Kingfisher Restaurant

The Shades of Green Radio Show was started on Dundalk FM by Jimmy Neary in 2005. Jimmy had been a radio enthusiast for most of his life and with that, an admiring fan of Country and Irish Music. When Dundalk FM provided Jimmy with the opportunity to host a radio show, he established Shades of Green, and has since enjoyed meeting and broadcasting to like minded people!

Jimmy Neary


Tune in to the best in County and Irish on Monday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm. You can visit Jimmy’s website which was designed by his son John at This a fantastic site with photos of guests, playlists and Country and Irish links. Watch out for Jimmy’s Shades of Green Show on the Phil Mack County Show TV credits. Shades of Green wouldn’t be the same without Marita who keeps the show on the road!