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Dundalk FM Profile
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Dundalk FM 100 - building community through media

Welcome to Dundalk FM. We broadcast programmes by local presenters and
community groups. It is not a commercial station and our role is to provide
individuals and groups with training and access to the airwaves.

Our weekly schedule contains 45% speech and 55% music.

Our main activities are
· We run a community radio service ‘Dundalk FM100’.
· We train community groups and individuals to use the studios and create
their own programmes.

This is the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) definition of Community Radio
from the Broadcasting Act 2009

Groups whose members are representative of, and accountable to their
community, and who seek to provide a social benefit through the supply
of programming to that community on a not-for-profit basis.

Our geographical area is Dundalk and a five mile (eight kilometre) radius.
Dundalk FM is a member of Craol – the Community Radio Forum of Ireland
www.craol.ie. The BAI is the broadcasting regulator www.bai.ie.

The station is committed to developing relationships with community organisations.
A community licence is granted to a non-profit organisation owned by the members
who represent the local community. It cannot be sold.

The volunteer opportunities are Dundalk FM are
· Radio presenter.
· Sound desk operator and help with outside broadcasting.
· Member of a production team.
· Social media and IT team member.

We require volunteers to answer the phone, promote the station, help with
administration and archiving, support and train volunteers and visit community
groups to promote community radio.

We also require skilled and experienced volunteers to join our committees
(Programming and Technical, Funding and Finance, Human Resources, Management
and Operations, Community Engagement) and Board of Directors. If you live work
or play in Dundalk, then we want you to get involved.


Dundalk FM 100 is a not-for-profit, independent, friendly, community development
organisation giving voice to all in Dundalk and surrounding area. We are committed
to educate, entertain and inform through our wide range of programmes.

People who listen to Dundalk FM will hear programmes containing something of
local interest. They will find the members of the station accessible and approachable.
They will hear a laid back,’ ordinary person’ presentation style, and have access to
local news, sports and information as well as specialist music shows. Make Dundalk
FM your homepage!


Equality – everyone has a right to access training and programming.
Creative - support the exchange of ideas and act as a force for cultural and
community development.
Good quality – well produced, interesting, local content.
Inclusive – welcome participation from new and established communities.
Grassroots – recruit volunteers from the Dundalk community.
Inform – report on the local environmental, economic and social issues and on local
activities, events and news of the groups and organisations in our listening area.
Encourage learning – train participants in broadcasting in a supportive atmosphere.
Evolve - welcome new ideas and keep moving forward.
Community - connect with the Dundalk Community – at home and abroad.
Sustainable– have a diverse source of income to maintain and grow the station.
Diversity - provide an interesting variety of shows for all groups.
Entertain – celebrate the music, sports, heritage and culture of Dundalk.
Central hub for the region - provide a forum open to all residents to discuss public
Development - identify and meet changing community needs

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