Thank you to our team of Community Radio Broadcasters.

During each show from 17th to 23rd May, as our way of celebrating National Volunteer Week 2021, presenters will be contacting a station volunteer for a 3 to 4 minute chat about what they like about volunteering at the station.

How did you hear about Dundalk FM in the first place?
Do you remember the first time that you came into the station – what was your impression and who did you meet?
Did you do one of our training courses – and who else was on it at the time?
What was the first radio show that you presented?
Have you produced any others?
Are there any other production skills you would like to learn?
What do your friends and family think of you being on Dundalk’s Community Radio Station?

Thank You NVW21

Nat Vol Week Cert for Dundalk FM 2021National Volunteer Week Dundalk FM 2021

May 17
8.00 Good Morning Dundalk
  Paddy McEneaney
  Sean Fegan
  Michael Emadi
10.00 Town Talk
  Cathal McCooey
  Cathal Cassidy
12.00 The Lunchbox
  Padraig Quigley
  Andy McKenna
  John Hennessy
2.00 Afternoon Show
  Joe Duffy
  John Englishby
  Dan Pope
4.00 Drivetime
  John Englishby
  Jim Ryan
  John Murphy
6.00 Fadó Fadó
  Sean McEneaney
7.00 HOTM
  Gussie Hearty
May 18
8.00 Good Morning Dundalk
  Paddy McEneaney
  Karl Collins
  Pat Hamilton
10.00 Town Talk
  Philip O Brien
  Charles Barker
12.00 The Lunchbox
  Padraig Quigley
  Anita Guest
  Daniel Deery
2.00 Afternoon Show
  Joe Duffy
  Michael Murray
  Joey McGowan
4.00 Drivetime
  Marian Del Duca
  Ciaran Callan
  Donal Carroll
6.00 Beaten Tracks
  Kerry Fearon
7.00 Rocksteady Rhythms
  Karl Collins
  Tracey Hanby
May 19
8.00 Good Morning Dundalk
  Paddy McEneaney
  Noel Sharkey
  Richie Ford
10.00 Town Talk
  Pat Byrne
  John Murphy
12.00 The Lunchbox
  Padraig Quigley
  Stephen Murphy
  Brendan Coughlan
2.00 Afternoon Show
  Joe Duffy
  Orla Crilly
  Tara Mulholland
4.00 Drivetime
  MaryRose Muckian
  Kevin Marley
  Alvaro Lucchesi
6.00 Rock around Dundalk
  Peter Kavanagh
7.00 Mixbag
  Margaret Hoey
8.00 Jason’s Jukebox
  David Bellew
9.00 Swing Dance Dundalk
  Padraig Quigley
May 20
8.00 Good Morning Dundalk
  Paddy McEneaney
  Sean Callaghan
  Emma Coffey
10.00 Town Talk
  Pat Byrne
  Colin McDonnell
12.00 The Lunchbox
  Padraig Quigley
  Cathal McCooey
  Tony Moran
2.00 Afternoon Show
  Joe Duffy
  Jason Kelly
  Robbie Rafferty
4.00 Drivetime
  Seoirse McCann
  Hugh McKitterick
  Garrett Weldon
6.00 Spotlight
  Past Volunteers Alan Byrne
7.00 The Eclectic Mix
  Joe Duffy
8.00 Dundalk Lion’s
  Derek Pepper
9.00 RehabCare on Air
  Marian DelDuca
May 21
8.00 Good Morning Dundalk
  Paddy McEneaney
  Mike McMahon
10.00 Town Talk
  Marissa Lucchesi
  Damien McKenna
12.00 The Lunchbox
  Padraig Quigley
  David Larkin
  Seoirse McCann
2.00 Afternoon Show
  Joe Duffy
  Paddy McEneaney
  Tom McSweeney
4.00 Drive Time
  Ciaran Callan
  Philip O Brien
  Caoimhe O Malley
6.00 First Cut
  Marissa Lucchesi
7.00 Build Up
  Dundalk FC
  Shamrock Rovers
May 22
10.00 The Business Brunch
  Stephen, Eamonn, Mona
  Michael Dowdall
12.00 Mike’s Music Mix
  MaryRose Muckian
  Beaten Tracks
2.00 Themed Tunes
  John Englishby
3.00 5 Irish Tunes
  Alan Byrne
4.00 Sports Academy
  Tom Gernon
May 23
10.00 On the street
  where you live
  Sean, Paddy, Arvaro
12.00 Classic Sounds
  Pat Byrne
1.00 Showband Street
  Mona Daly
2.00 Back to the 60’s
  Eamon O Reilly

Presenter Guide

  First Name Surname Current Show on Dundalk FM / Volunteer Activities   Documentary Maker
1 Alan Byrne 5 Irish Tunes, La Cantina Yes
2 Alvaro Lucchesi On the Street Where you live, Board Member  
3 Andy McKenna Monthly Saturday Night 80’s Yes
4 Anita Guest RehabCare on Air  
5 Brendan Coughlan Fadó Fadó  
6 Caoimhe O’Malley Drive Time and Town Talk Contributor, Vice Chair  
7 Carole Wardlaw The Arts Zone co host  
8 Cathal Cassidy Fadó Fadó, ex Board Member  
9 Cathal McCooey Monday Town Talk, Monthly Slane Series  
10 Charles Barker Health and Well Being, ex Chairperson  
11 Ciaran Callan Friday Town Talk, Build Up  
12 Colin McDonnell Brilliant Music  
13 Damien McKenna First Cut  
14 Dan Pope AlphaBeats  
15 Daniel Deery Alphabeats  
16 David Larkin Monthly Saturday Night Show, Dundalk Lion’s Club Yes
17 David Bellew Build Up, Trainer  
18 Derek Pepper The Eclectic Mix  
19 Donal Carroll We Will Rock You, Your Song Yes
20 Eamon O’Reilly The Brunch, ex Chairperson  
21 Eimear O Kane The Arts Zone co host  
22 Emma Coffey Treasurer  
23 Garrett Weldon Board Member  
24 Gussie Hearty Summer League Focus, Match Commentary Team, Board Member  
25 Hugh McKitterick Dundalk Lion’s At Your Service Producer, ex Chairperson Yes
26 Jason Kelly Jason’s JukeBox, Drive Time  
27 Jim Ryan Classic Sounds Yes
28 Joe Duffy Afternoon Show, Showband Street, Chairperson  
29 Joey McGowan Indie Mix Spotlights  
30 John Englishby Monthly Odds n Sods Show, Monday Drive Time, Monthly Themed Tunes, Trainer  
31 John Hennessy Dundalk Lion’s Club, ex Board Member  
32 John Murphy Sports Academy, Match Commentary  
33 Karl Collins RockSteady Rhythms  
34 Kerry Fearon Boots ’n Roots  
35 Kevin Marley Heart of the Matter  
36 Margaret Hoey We Will Rock You, Your Song  
37 Marian DelDuca Tuesday Drive Time, Health and Well Being, ex Board Member  
38 Marissa Lucchesi Friday Town Talk, Trainer  
39 Mary Rose Muckian Mixbag, Drive Time, Afternoon Show  
40 Michael Dowdall Fadó Fadó  
41 Michael Murray Monthly My Song  
42 Michael Emadi Heart of the Matter  
43 Mike McMahon Mike’s Music Express  
44 Mona Daly The Brunch  
45 Noel Sharkey Series on Creedance Clearwater Revival, Bob Dylan, The Eagles and Blues Music Yes
46 Orla Crilly Monthly Sunshine Hour, Build Up Show  
47 Paddy McEneaney Good Morning Dundalk, On the Street Where You Live  
48 Padraig Quigley The Lunchbox, Trainer  
49 Pat Byrne Town Talk, Slane Series, Trainer, Board Member  
50 Patrick Hamilton Board Member, Interviews  
51 Peter Kavanagh Fadó Fadó, The Brunch  
52 Philip O Brien Tuesday Town Talk  
53 Richie Ford Sports Academy (GAA)  
54 Robbie Rafferty Summer League Focus, Sports Academy  
55 Sean Callaghan The Beaten Tracks, Board Member  
56 Sean Fegan Lockdown Blues Show, Swing Dance Dundalk  
57 Sean McEneaney On the Street Where you live  
58 Seoirse McCann Thursday Drive Time, Monthly 30 into 21 Show  
59 Stephen Murphy Brunch, Heart of the Matter, ex Chairperson  
60 Tara Mulholland One off Shows, Board Member  
61 Tom Gernon Rock around Dundalk, Back to the Sixties  
62 Tony Moran Produces Classic Sounds, ex Weekend Duty Manager  
63 Tracey Hanby Cheesy Chicks



Updated Dundalk FM Social Media Policy


Last updated: 11th March 2021


The Social Media Policy document provides guidance and direction to Staff, Presenters and Volunteers when utilising all types of social media.

Misuse or abuse of social and digital media can cause significant injury to third parties and can also impact negatively on the reputation of Dundalk FM. The Station is potentially vicariously liable for injury caused by misuse or abuse of social and digital media channels by anyone associated with Dundalk FM. Consequently the station takes any misuse or abuse of social and digital media very seriously.

Like all Staff/Volunteer policies, it is the responsibility of the Manager to address any issues that arise in relation to breach of these policies and regulations. There is also a significant personal responsibility placed on all Staff and Volunteers at the station.

Electronic Communications Policy

Confidential information regarding company business practices and procedures or personal information about any suppliers, advertising clients or employees must not be posted or discussed on Internet social networking websites, Internet video hosting/sharing websites, Internet discussion forums, message boards or Internet chat rooms.

The company reserves the right to take such action as it deems appropriate against users who breach the conditions of these policies or Data Protection regulations. Employees who breach these policies may be denied access to the Station’s information technology resources, and may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and dismissal as provided for in the disciplinary procedure. Volunteers who breach policy may have their membership rescinded.

Code of Standards and Behavior

There is an implied term of mutual trust and confidence between employer and employee in all employment contracts. A very negative, defamatory or damaging posting or communication by an employee may entitle Dundalk Media Centre CLG T/A Dundalk FM to proceed with the Disciplinary Process, including investigation, and discipline up to dismissal if warranted. If defamatory material is posted on a social networking site, defamation claims may arise against the employee. Employees must not improperly disclose, during or following termination of employment, information gained in the course of their work.

Staff & volunteers who have access to Dundalk FM social media to post on behalf of the station are entrusted so for the purpose of enhancing the service the station provides to users. Anyone posting as Dundalk FM is asked to stop and consider how the post may impact the station.

Posts that may make any negative implications towards the station or another organisation/ persons or indeed posts reflecting personal moral/religious/political beliefs etc will be removed and the perpetrator may face disciplinary procedures.

If you choose to identify yourself as an employee of Dundalk Media Centre CLG (T/A Dundalk FM) or a Dundalk FM broadcaster on social media profiles including your own personal profiles or in your commentary on personal topics within social media sites, it is important to use common sense and be aware of the nature of your comments and their possible consequences. It is important that all our employees and volunteers are aware of the implications of engaging in forms of social media and online conversations that reference the company or your association with the Station. Privacy, Data Protection requirements, defamation law and basic duty of care all still apply in comments that are made while off-duty and online. If an employee or volunteer comments online in a personal capacity while identified as an employee or volunteer of DMC, these comments can be attributed or perceived as the official position of the company.

Volunteers & Staff – Remember, when using Personal social media:

  • Be respectful of all individuals, races, religions and cultures; how you conduct yourself in the online social media space not only reflects on you but could also reflect on Dundalk FM as you are associated with the station in the public eye.
  • Think before you post. Anything you post that is inaccurate, unfair, or breaking privacy standards will ultimately be your responsibility.
  • You may come across negative posts about Dundalk FM, but should avoid responding yourself. The post in question should be forwarded to the Station Manager who is authorised to respond (if appropriate) to comments on behalf of Dundalk FM.
  • Be conscious when mixing your radio and personal lives. Online, your personal and radio profiles are likely to intersect. The Station respects the privacy of all but you must remember that our listeners, colleagues and the wider Community may have access to the online content you post. Keep this in mind when publishing information online that can be seen by more than friends and family, and know that information originally intended just for friends and family can be forwarded on very easily.
  • Know that the Internet is permanent. Once information is published online, it is essentially part of a permanent record, even if you remove/deleteit later or attempt to make it anonymous.

Protecting Dundalk FM Staff/Volunteers from online abuse

Given the nature of and the high levels of participation in social media sites like Facebook in Ireland, Staff/Volunteers/Broadcasters may from time to time become the victim of abuse or defamation by members of the public through comments made and published on the Internet or on social networks.

Where this occurs, the Station Manager will work to support you in every way possible. Responsibility for responding to staff or volunteer concerns about and co-ordinating the response to abusive online comments rests with the Manager as is does with all Staff/Volunteer health safety and welfare issues.

Where Staff/Volunteers are notified of or are concerned about an abusive or defamatory post, profile, comment or page relating to the radio, this should be reported immediately to the Manager. The Manager should arrange for the post to be reviewed, and where possible or appropriate, the post should be reported as abuse with the relevant sites existing reporting process. A screenshot should be recorded of the comment.