New Community Radio Presenters – Class of September 2022

20220905Dan Pope & Class

Our September class started on Monday the 5th and will run for the next two weeks. Dan Pope came in to chat with our new presenters about how he joined the station and his weekly programme, Under the Covers –  Sundays at 3.00 pm.

Our class members are Róisín Ward Morrow, Bruno Vilares, Andy and Louise McCartney, Bobby McCormack, Development Perspectives, Christopher Praveen, Pamela Carragher, Eugene O Hanlon, Dean Wright, Luka Stopic, Gavin Hanlon, Michael Murray, John Joe Jacobs, Andrius Rikauskis and Ciara Byrne.

Marissa Lucchesi explained the features of a Magazine Show and introduced the radio vocabulary that we use daily at the station such intros, theme music, links, stings and station idents.

Alan Byrne1Alan Byrne, Station Manager explained the community development ethos of Dundalk FM where individuals and community groups can become more acquainted with their area by meeting people through the station, attending outside broadcasts and chatting to people on air. He encouraged all the presenters to fill in a Programme Proposal and record a Demo and that he would help them to have a programme in the schedule by the end of October. As members, they will be welcome to join committees and stand as a representative of over 70 colleagues and perform the duties of a Director. Dundalk FM is run by Dundalk Media Centre CLG which was set up as a not-for-profit community media resource in February 2002. It is one of the 21 Community Radio Stations in Ireland and is affiliated to Craol the Community Radio Ireland, to Amarc Europe and adheres to the Amarc Charter as its code of ethics.  President Higgins

When Dundalk FM hosted the Craol National Community Radio Day on June 18th 2021, President Michael D Higgins who has a reputation for advocating the social benefits of community radio commented ‘Community radio helps to strengthen ties and build awareness of common values, and challenges and a discussion of possible solutions to issues within our localities. Community radio is a vital part of the shared public space for people to meet and collaborate. It is a public good’.

During the class, our new presenters were tasked with recording a Voice Over for a Community Notice in the Production Studio with our Evening Duty Manager, Tony Duffy.

In advance of the second week, they will practice recording an audio exercise on their phone and have the opportunity to come into Main Studio to learn how to work the Sound Desks.

Tracey on Brilliant Music voa Messanger Video Chat 20200620

To commence their community Radio Broadcasting career, our presenters have the prospect of researching and pre-recording the following 50-minute programmes.

Alphabeats – you will be given a letter of the alphabet and asked to create a show with bands or musicians or songs starting with that letter.

100 Years of Music– choose any year between 1921 and 2021.

Iggy Pop Spotlight
Spotlight – a show based on your selection of any musician or band.

The second evening of the three-week course will focus on technical skills such as working the Sound Desk, recording to a digital recorder, editing a promo for a show, researching, compiling a running order and scripting links for a 25-minute programme.

Equipment Q & A.
1. What equipment do you need in a recording studio?
2. What audio editing software is available?
3. What are the correct recording levels?
4. What are clipping and distortion?
5. How do you use a Voice Recorder?
6. How do you send a show to the station?
7. How to make a phone call and put it through the desk?
8. How do we link back to the studio when we are doing an Outside Broadcast?

A Spotlight programme featuring Irish Music recorded during the first class will be aired on Sunday 11th September at 4.00 pm.

There will be two courses in 2023 – February and September. If you would like to find out more please email for details.