Jim Ryan – a respected and compelling voice

When Jim Ryan joined us in 2003, he presented a classical music programme from half past 12 until one o clock on Sunday for the duration of the temporary Community Radio Station Dundalk Weekend Radio DWR107 FM. His son Stephen came in as his Sound Desk Operator selecting the CD track numbers. Jim would have spent hours listening to each track just to get the right sequence for his weekly playlist. Jim’s knowledge of classical music was immense. He introduced us to baritone, bass, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, arias, chorus and overtures.

Jim often said that he would have liked to do a Jazz programme and that would have been quite something to tune in to. Jim’s daughter, Vanessa shortly afterwards followed her Dad’s footsteps into radio and presented a history programme called Time Detectives. Vanessa interviewed many local and national archaeology professors and experts and also stood in to present Classic Sounds on occasion. When the station received its full-time community radio service contract in September 2004, Jim presented a midday Current Affairs show. He kept the Classic Sounds programme on Sunday, moving it to one hour.

During the ensuing years, myself and our Weekend Duty Managers who worked the sound desk for Jim got to chat with the listeners who rang in asking for a request. Sundays had a certain routine – Joe Martin presented Magic Moments from 10 am to 12 pm, followed by Jim Ryan and Classic Sounds from 12 pm to 1 pm, Joe Duffy followed at 1 pm with Showband Street, Tom Gernon at 2 pm with Back to the Sixties and Jimmy Neary (with his wife Marita taking the phone requests) with Shades of Green from 3 pm to 5 pm.

In the recent past, Jim’s weekly show was curated and kept on air by Tony Moran.

So, we’ll bid adieu, slán to our radio colleague Jim Ryan. Thank you for bringing your wealth of knowledge of Classical Music to the listeners and for your considerable contribution to the success of the Community Radio Service – Dundalk FM.

Alan Byrne



Ian Coogan, Paul Mefor, Anthony Bond, Jim Ryan
Ian Coogan, Paul Mefor, Anthony Bond and Jim Ryan in the original Dundalk Weekend Radio DWR107 FM Radio Studios.
Joe Martin and Jim Ryan
Sunday Morning routine – Joe Matin and Jim Ryan.

Eamon O Boyle, Jim Ryan, Seamus Byrne, Redeemer Resource Centre


Classic Sounds Pavarotti


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