Evening Duty Manager Vacancy at Dundalk FM

Dundalk FM has a Vacancy for part-time staff.

The role is Evening Duty Manager and is for 19 and a half hours per week.

This is a Community Employment Scheme position so applicants should ensure their eligibility by calling Central CE on 042 932 8316.

The position will commence in Mid-March.

Main duties include:

  • to edit shows and create playlists

  • to operate the sound desk

  • to train new volunteers and community group representatives in the production of radio shows

  • to record and edit programmes for community groups and volunteer presenters

Full training will be provided.

The full Job Description is available on www.dundalkfm.com or search for dundalk fm on jobsireland.ie

To apply email centralce@gmail.com with your cv.

The closing date for applications is 23 February 2024.

Dundalk FM is a Social Enterprise which facilitates community radio and media projects for Voluntary, Educational, Sports, Arts and Public Services in Dundalk and the surrounding area.

Job Description

Post Title: Evening Duty Manager

Reporting to: Manager

Location: Dundalk Media Centre

Responsible for: Facilitation of volunteers and production duties

Salary: CE Central

Hours: 19½ hours per week (evenings).

To edit programming for repeat, organise the overnight schedule, facilitate presenters who pre-record shows, work the sound desk where required and train new volunteers in sound desk operation and audio editing. Also responsible for monitoring on air activity and front office and studio operations.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist and support volunteers with editing and production.

  • Audio Editing and archiving programmes.

  • Recording programmes, promos and ads.

  • Operating the Sound Desk.

  • Interviewing and recording public events.

  • Training Presenters and community groups.

  • Assist with outside broadcasting.

  • Keeping the studios, restrooms, reception area clean and tidy (vacuum, empty bins, ensure toilets are clean and presentable).

  • Answering the phones/emails/looking after guests.