5 Irish Tunes

We’re doing our bit to promote Irish music and want you to be part of it.

Can you nominate 5 Irish Tunes to add to our Irish Music playlist and send us an intro to each song?

Any style, any genre, any year…this is where you get to choose 5 of your favourites.

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(Sept 20) Band Tracks
20201212_150149Pat Byrne Una Healy Until You
Emma Langford Mariana
Niamh Regan Save The Day
20221126 John Englishby 1

John Englishby

Thin Lizzy Southbound
Rory Gallagher Shadowplay
Noel Sharkey Sinead Lohan To Ramona
The Cranberries Dreams
Daniel Deery Microdisney Town To Town
Lisa O’Neill Come Sit Sing
Sean Keane From Galway To Graceland

Presenter Caroline Byrne

(Oct 20)

Band Tracks
Kodaline Follow Your Fire
Mary Coughlan Ancient Rain
Van Morrison Coney Island
The Furey’s and Davy Arthur Sweet Sixteen
Irish Women in Harmony Dreams

Ciara Byrne Ciara Byrne

(Oct 20)

Band Tracks
Third Smoke Maya
Orwells 84 She Is So Sweet
The Cranberries Dreams
David Keenan Subliminal Dublinia
The Villagers Courage

Presenter Eamon O Reilly

(Nov 20)

Band Tracks
Joseph Locke We’ll Make A Bonfire of Our troubles
Dubliners and The Pogues The Irish Rover
Goats Don’t Shave Las Vegas In The Hills Of Donegal
Moore’s Melodies The Minstrel Boy
John McCormack Three O Clock In The Morning
Tommy Makem Killyburn Brae
Joseph Locke Goodbye

Joey McGowan Joey McGowan

(Nov 20)

Band Tracks
Whipping Boy Twinkle
Mick Christopher Hey Day
Fontaines DC Sha Sha Sha
New Secret Weapon You’re Still Losing
Sultans of Ping Where’s Me Jumper

Noel-Sharkey Noel Sharkey

(Dec 20)

Band Tracks
Louise Morrisey Roses and violets
Frances Black After the Ball
Sinead Lohan To Ramona
Delores O Riordan Dreams
Louise Morrisey Carroll County Accident

20221126 John Englishby 1 John Englishby

(Dec 20)

Band Tracks
Thin Lizzy Southbound
Dermot Kennedy What Have I Done
Orwell’s 84 On The Road
Rory Gallagher Shadowplay
Tara Tine 8 Long Years


20200626_200648_HDR(1) Alan Byrne

(Jan 21)

Band Tracks
Andy White Streets of Florence
Camille O Sullivan Don’t Think Twice
Sinead O Connor Queen of Denmark
Morrissey Everyday is Like Sunday
Cathal Coughlan Berties Brochures
Willie Nelson/Sinead O Connor Don’t Give Up
Anthony Hegarty/Lou Reed Candy Says
Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh Fead an Iolair
Lisa O’Neill Pothole In The Sky

Presenter Tara Tine

(Feb 21)

Band Tracks
Mick Hanly Good Ship Delirious
Lisa O Neill Rock The Machine
Clannad Níl Sé Ina Lá
The Cranberries Daffodil Lament
Sophie Coyle and Jinx Lennon Jonah And The Whale

Presenter Rory Moore

(Feb 21)

Band Tracks
Caolfhoinn Rose Flourish
Caolfhoinn Rose Atmosphere
Dervish Sean Bán
Seamie O Dowd The Road To Sligo
Roisin Murphy Something More

Tracey Hanby Tracey Hanby

(March 21)

Band Tracks
Denise Chaila Chaila
Ruth-Anne Love Again
Róisín O Hearts + Bones
Stephanie Rainey No Cowboy
Rebekah Fitch Loose Ends

Michael-Dowdall5 Michael Dowdall

(March 21)

Band Tracks
John McDermott Glencoe Massacre
John Faulkner and Delores Keane Bonnie Light Horseman
Rita Connolly Ripples in the Rockpool
Frank Harte The Charladies Ball
Liam Clancy And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Orla Crilly1 Orla Crilly

(April 21)

Band Tracks
Jape Floating
Ham SandwicH Ants
Power of Dreams Jokes on Me
Alltvvins Crash
Director Reconnect

Brendan Coughlan Brendan Coughlan

(April 21)

Band Tracks
Clannad Tráthnóna Beag Aréir
Aoife Ní Fhearraigh Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte
The Choral Scholars UCD. Mo Ghoilla Mear
Rosanna Ní Dhonail Cumhaidh an Fhile
Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin Úrchill an Chreagáin

Carole Wardlaw1 Carole Wardlaw

(May 21)

Band Tracks
The Dubliners Dublin In The Rare Old Times
Mary Coughlan Double Cross
Eleanor McEvoy I Hear You Breathing In
Delores Keane Caledonia
Zoe Conway and John McIntyre Faoiseamh a Gheobhadsa

IMG_20211116_170401 Daniel Deery

(May 21)

Band Tracks
Sean Keane From Galway To Graceland
Microdisney Town To Town
Colm Mac Con Iomaire Farewell To The Sea
Paul Brady Nothing But The Same Old Story
Lisa O’Neill Come Sit Sing

Ciaran Callan Ciaran Callan

(July 21)

Band Tracks
The Blizzards The First Girl To Leave Town
The Dubliners Take Me Up To Monto
Enya Caribbean Blue
Thin Lizzy The Boys Are Back In Town
Niall Horan Nice to Meet You

Andy McKenna Andy McKenna

(July 21)

Band Tracks
Jim McCann Grace
Fureys and Davy Arthur The Green Fields of France
Wolfe Tones Street of New York
Aslan Crazy World
U2 Bad

Hugh McKitterick Hugh McKitterick

(August 21)

Band Tracks
Rod Stewart Grace
Steve Earl/Sharon Shannon Galway Girl
Celtic Thunder Red Rose Café
The Dubliners Whiskey In The Jar
Paddy Reilly Dirty Old Town
Paddy Reilly and the Dubliners Fields of Athenry

Margaret Hoey1 Margaret Hoey

(August 21)

Band Tracks
The Pale Dog With No Tail
Horslips The Rocks Remain
Rory Gallagher The Shin Kicker
Brush Shields Old Pal
Thin Lizzy Emerald


Cathal McCooey

(September 21)

Band Tracks
 Rory Gallagher  Tattoo Lady
 The Waterboys  Medicine Bow
 Aslan  Sands of Time
 The Stunning  Half Past Two
 U2  A Sort of Homecoming

Mona Daly 5 Mona Daly (September 21)
Band Tracks
 Finbarr Furey  Someday I’ll Get Over You
 Boomtown Rats  I Don’t Like Mondays
 Frank Patterson  Percy French Melody
 Joe Dolan  Goodbye Venice
 The Cranberries  Dreaming

Tom Gernon 12 Tom Gernon

(January 22)

Band Tracks
 Van Morrison   Spanish Rose
Thin Lizzy  Thing’s aren’t Working Out Down at the Farm
Mitch and the Additions  Hey Diana
Dave Maher and the Rockets  I Stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel
Finbar and Eddie Furey  Lonesome Boatman

 Jason Kelly Jason Kelly

(January 22)

Band Tracks
Charlie Landsborough
 Shine Your Light
Joe Dolan  Sweet Little Rock n Roller
Derek Ryan Pick a Bale of Cotton
Nathan Carter  The Leaving of Liverpool
Jimmy Buckley Down in Louisiana

Charles Barker Charles Barker

(February 22)

Band Tracks
Sandy Kelly with Johnny Cash The Woodcarver 
Tommy Fleming Hard Times
Josef Locke I`ll take you home again Kathleen
Johnny McEvoy The Connemara Cradle Song
Liam Clancy Waltzing Matilda 
Cliona Hagan Let him go, let him tarry
Daniel O`Donnell On the Wings of a Dove
Marty Mone Hit The Diff
Ciaran Rosney Marie`s Wedding
Philomena Begley Queen of the Silver Dollar 

 Kavneet Kainth1 Kavneet Kainth
(March 22)
Band Tracks
 Dermot Kennedy Better Days
 Lyra New Day
 Picture This  Take My Hand
 The Cranberries  Dreams
 Aimee Just a Phase
Benjamyn Sea of Uncertainty
Gavin James Greatest Hits
Denise Chaila CHAILA
Kodaline  Way Back Then
Bewitched C’est la Vie

 Dean Lawlor Dean Lawlor

(June 22)

Band Tracks
The Wolfe Tones The Foggy Dew
Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl
The Commitments Mustang Sally
The Undertones Teenage Kicks
Thin Lizzy Emerald

 Pamela Carragher Pamela Carragher

(June 22)

Band Tracks
The Script Paint the Town Green
Dermot Kennedy Better Days
Picture This Addicted to You
U2 With or Without You
Niall Horan This Town
Kodaline Brother

My beautiful picture John and Maura Hennessy

(July 22)

Band Tracks
Cór Cúil Aodha Mo Ghile Mear
Luke Kelly Joe Hill
Irish Women in Harmony Dreams
Moncrieff Warm
Dermot Kennedy Something to Someone

 Eugene O Hanlon Eugene O Hanlon
(July 22)
Band Tracks
The Stunning  Brewing Up A Storm
Something Happens Parachute
An Emotional Fish Celebrate
Power of Dreams Never Been To Texas
That Petrol Emotion Hey Venus

Vol Info Night 2 20220825
(August 2022 – Volunteer Information Night Recording)
Presenter Band Track
Dean Wright Varlight Stay
Barbara McClure Thin Lizzy Dancin’ in the Moonlight
Luka Stopic The Pogues Fairytale of New York
Mary Gantley Bagatelle Second Violin
Seoirse McCann Jinx Lennon A Nobody from Co Louth
Conor Clarke Big Pig Don’t Turn Around
Sean Callaghan Hal Ketchum Past the Point of Rescue
Bruno Vilares The Dubliners Dublin in the Rare Ol’ Times
Róisín Ward Morrow Lá Lugh Brigid’s Kiss

(September 2022 – Louth PPN Training
Presenter Band Track Organisation
Geraldine Martin The Corrs Breathless
Nicole Callan Wolfe Tones Grace Drogheda Irish Wheelchair
Janey Quigley Johnny Logan Hold Me Now Dundalk Irish Wheelchair
Declan Power The Stunning Brewing Up A Storm Barbican Theatre, Drogheda
Michael Dowling The Waterboys Fisherman’s Blues National Learning Network
Rachel Winters Hermitage Green Quicksand Dundalk Youth Centre
Tai Davids The Dubliners Whiskey in the Jar Dundalk Youth Centre
Joy Booth Declan Rourke The Stars over Kinvarra Turas Counselling Service

Karl Collins 2 (2) Karl Collins (October 22)
Band Tracks
A House I’ll Always Be Grateful
Cry Before Dawn Gone Forever
Something Happens The Beach
The Golden Horde 100 Boys
Fatima Mansions 1000%
The Pale Dog With No Tale
The Stunning Got To Get Away
An Emotional Fish Celebrate
The Fat Lady Sings Arc Light
The Blades Don’t Break The Silence



Mary Rose Muckian (November 22)
Band Tracks
Mary Black Anachie Gordon
The Villagers Nothing Arrived
Luke Kelly Raglan Road
Horslips Trouble with a Capital T
Moving Hearts Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette

Presenter David Larkin (October 23)
Band Tracks
Finnian I Don’t Want To Fall In Love
The Cooleys/Rowan Murphy Love Will Tear Us Apart
It’s What They Want Orwell’s 84
The Two Five Ones Slave To The Moon
Take My Hand Glas Quartet


Presenter Ciara Byrne (Feb 24)
Band Tracks
Greg Tisdale It Don’t Make Sense To Me
Dug Jubilee
Don’t Mind That Meet Me In The Morning
Rachel Lavelle Perpetual Party
Lemoncello Harsh Truths
David OMFG Early In The Afternoon
Fizzy Orange Chelsea Bakery
Gurriers Des Goblin
Presenter Emilie Dowdall (Mar 24)
Band Tracks
The Dubliners The Fields of Athenry
Shamrock I’ll Tell Me Ma
Sinead O Connor Famine
U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday
Enya Only Time
Presenter Ryan Bradley (Mar 24)
Band Tracks
The Wolfe Tones Celtic Symphony
Hozier Blood Upon The Snow
The Wolfe Tones You’ll Never Beat The Irish
Luke Kelly Raglan Road
The Wolfe Tones The Foggy Dew