Automatic Pilot Poetry Recordings

Automatic Pilot 1 was broadcast on 25th May 2019. The contributors and the title of their poems were:

Ceinwen Haydon, originally from WalesScrambled and To the New Owners of my Old Home.

Ceinwen’s choice of music was Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell.

Adam Stutz from San Diego, California recited Exchange States from his book The Scales.

His choice of music was a track called the Devil and the Deep Sea by Destinie Lynn.

Sanga is a writer and studying in Dublin and this was one of her first poems written and shared with the public.

It is entitled One Moment at a Time and she chose the Carpenter’s On Top of the World.

The final contributor to this show was Elaine Reardon from Massachusetts who sent in two poems Quid’s Preserves and Canning Jars.

Elaine’s choice of music was by Irish band The Frames and the chosen track was The Rise.

In early April 2019, I sent this email to Brian Bingham, editor of Automatic Pilot.

First Email to Automatic Pilot

And Brian replied a day later…

Hi Alan,

Many thanks for contacting me and your interest in a show regarding Automatic Pilot which’s very appreciated and very interested in…

So I wrote back…

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your prompt response. Would you be able to call in tomorrow morning at 12noon?
I am interested in promoting poetry and creative writing so we could have a chat about compiling a pre-recorded programme (or a series of short programmes) based on the publications.
To do this we would require contributors to come in to the studio and record or if they had access to a laptop and mic they could email in their recordings. I would be happy to present and edit the programme so it would  be available for podcast.
We met and chatted about the idea of a AP poetry show on Dundalk FM with contributors worldwide…
Hi Brian,
It was great to meet you this morning and to chat about the opportunities for Automatic Pilot contributors to record their poems, say something about themselves and to choose a song for inclusion in a Radio Show for Dundalk’s Community Radio Station. The show could be subsequently uploaded and shared.
Let’s hope the idea takes off and we have a show on air before the summer!.
Here is a link to a Wikihow page that explains how you can record using your mobile and share the recording, which is usually by email.
Chat soon.
Brian liked the idea and said he would email the contributors.

On Wed, 3 Apr 2019 at 22:47, Brian Bingham

<> wrote:

You’ve all been invited by the manager of Dundalk FM, who has a great interest in promoting literature, to broadcast poetry or literature of any style, theme, and volume on Dundalk FM.

If you’re interested please send your broadcast which you can record on a smart phone and email to me.

If you’re unsure of how to record, Here  is a link to a Wikihow page that explains how you can record using your mobile and send the recording by email.

If you can also include in the recording an introduction of yourself before your reading, and then finally choose a song for inclusion on Dundalk’s Community Radio Station.

Dundalk FM are hoping to broadcast the readings as a regular show by the summer.

If you’ve any questions please contact me at your convenience.

If you’ve submitted recently to Automatic Pilot will be in contact in June with my decision.

Hoping you’ll all consider Automatic Pilot for future submissions.

Kind regards,

Brian Bingham.


Automatic Pilot.

Then, a day later, Ceinwen Haydon emailed Brian four recordings…

Dear Brian, 

Many thanks for your email. I’ve recorded two of the poems that I recently submitted to you, along with a greeting and a song request, 

Warm wishes, 

Ceinwen Haydon

And so Automatic Pilot recitals commenced with Ceinwen’s contribution.

Ceinwen Haydon April 2019 - Download This Episode