Radio Cures or Can the Wooden Spoon Age of National Radio Inspire a Generation of Local Artists?

This documentary is about some of the effects of the reduction in musical variety on mainstream radio over the last 20 years. The documentary will be divided into three parts: a look at the difference between music on the radio now and that of 20 years ago, the impact of this reduction in variety on the audience and the musician, a look at how the lack of a national platform may create a stronger local music/arts community.

Main Interviews:

Orlagh Donnelly

Damien McKenna

John McIntyre

Declan Murphy

Mark Corcoran

Joseph Edwards

Shane Clarke (Elephant)

Artist Discussing Radioplay:

Francis Waters,

Sean Bradley and Tiffany George,

Orla Travers,

Carl Eccles,

Tony Fitzpatrick,

Anecdotes about listening to radio:

Freddie Godliman,

Stephen Gilsenan,

Orla Barry,

Helen O’Dowda,

Andrew Clarke,

Terry McIntyre,

Damien McShane

Conal McIntyre: Producer/Research/Presenter