Fadó Fadó

Fadó Fadó 20220926 Conor Michael Brendan Peter Jimmy

The Fadó Fadó team from 26th September 2022 – Sound Engineer Conor Gray with Michael Dowdall, Brendan Coughlan, Peter Kavanagh and Jimmy Fergus.


The Fadó Fadó team of Peter Kavanagh, Brendan Coughlan, Michael Dowdall and Cathal Cassidy (RIP) with Dundalk FM’s Evening Duty Manager David Bellew and Manager Alan Byrne recording a programme for broadcast on Monday 2oth April 2020 at 6 pm.

Fadó Fadó Award

Receiving their Craol Achievement Awards are Cathal Cassidy (RIP), Seamus Tiernan (RIP), Peter Kavanagh and Eamon O’Reilly accompanied by sound desk operator and contributor Shane Tipping and manager Alan Byrne. Fadó Fadó is broadcast on Monday at 6pm.

Brendan Coughlan is also part of the Fadó Fadó team.

Fadó Fadó CRAOL Achievement Award 2012

The presenters share their memories of growing up in Dundalk with the help of the local newspaper articles from The Argus and the Dundalk Democrat and some additional information from the Cooley Man.

Cooley Man