New Community Radio Presenters – Class of September 2022

20220905Dan Pope & Class

Our September class started on Monday the 5th and will run for the next two weeks. Dan Pope came in to chat with our new presenters about how he joined the station and his weekly programme, Under the Covers –  Sundays at 3.00 pm.

Our class members are Róisín Ward Morrow, Bruno Vilares, Andy and Louise McCartney, Bobby McCormack, Development Perspectives, Christopher Praveen, Pamela Carragher, Eugene O Hanlon, Dean Wright, Luka Stopic, Gavin Hanlon, Michael Murray, John Joe Jacobs, Andrius Rikauskis and Ciara Byrne.

Marissa Lucchesi explained the features of a Magazine Show and introduced the radio vocabulary that we use daily at the station such intros, theme music, links, stings and station idents.

Alan Byrne1Alan Byrne, Station Manager explained the community development ethos of Dundalk FM where individuals and community groups can become more acquainted with their area by meeting people through the station, attending outside broadcasts and chatting to people on air. He encouraged all the presenters to fill in a Programme Proposal and record a Demo and that he would help them to have a programme in the schedule by the end of October. As members, they will be welcome to join committees and stand as a representative of over 70 colleagues and perform the duties of a Director. Dundalk FM is run by Dundalk Media Centre CLG which was set up as a not-for-profit community media resource in February 2002. It is one of the 21 Community Radio Stations in Ireland and is affiliated to Craol the Community Radio Ireland, to Amarc Europe and adheres to the Amarc Charter as its code of ethics.  President Higgins

When Dundalk FM hosted the Craol National Community Radio Day on June 18th 2021, President Michael D Higgins who has a reputation for advocating the social benefits of community radio commented ‘Community radio helps to strengthen ties and build awareness of common values, and challenges and a discussion of possible solutions to issues within our localities. Community radio is a vital part of the shared public space for people to meet and collaborate. It is a public good’.

During the class, our new presenters were tasked with recording a Voice Over for a Community Notice in the Production Studio with our Evening Duty Manager, Tony Duffy.

In advance of the second week, they will practice recording an audio exercise on their phone and have the opportunity to come into Main Studio to learn how to work the Sound Desks.

Tracey on Brilliant Music voa Messanger Video Chat 20200620

To commence their community Radio Broadcasting career, our presenters have the prospect of researching and pre-recording the following 50-minute programmes.

Alphabeats – you will be given a letter of the alphabet and asked to create a show with bands or musicians or songs starting with that letter.

100 Years of Music– choose any year between 1921 and 2021.

Iggy Pop Spotlight
Spotlight – a show based on your selection of any musician or band.

The second evening of the three-week course will focus on technical skills such as working the Sound Desk, recording to a digital recorder, editing a promo for a show, researching, compiling a running order and scripting links for a 25-minute programme.

Equipment Q & A.
1. What equipment do you need in a recording studio?
2. What audio editing software is available?
3. What are the correct recording levels?
4. What are clipping and distortion?
5. How do you use a Voice Recorder?
6. How do you send a show to the station?
7. How to make a phone call and put it through the desk?
8. How do we link back to the studio when we are doing an Outside Broadcast?

A Spotlight programme featuring Irish Music recorded during the first class will be aired on Sunday 11th September at 4.00 pm.

There will be two courses in 2023 – February and September. If you would like to find out more please email for details.


August 25th 2022 – New Volunteers Record a 5 Irish Tunes Show


Above are our team of new radio volunteers researching their choice for the 5 Irish Tunes show – Dean Wright, Barbara McClure, Luka Stopic, Mary Gantley,  Conor Clarke,  Bruno Vilares and Róisín Ward Morrow. Seoirse McCann and Sean Callaghan called to share their experience of presenting on Dundalk FM and to encourage our new volunteers to join the September Radio Course. The links were recorded on the night, edited by Alan Byrne the next day and broadcast on Dundalk FM on Saturday 27th August – you can see the Running Order and listen to the show on the link below. From what we heard on the night, we are sure that we will be introducing new community radio programmes into our schedule starting in October.

RUNNING ORDER 5 Irish Tunes 20220827


Dundalk FM will be Live from the Louth Mavericks American Football Club Family Day – 09/07/22

🏈🎉 MAVS FAMILY FUN DAY 🎉🏈Louth Mavericks AFC
Next Saturday (July 9th) is the final Louth Mavericks home game of the season and we are hosting a Family fun day with some food & entertainment to go along with our game vs the Antrim Jets AFC.
Vice-President & Captain Alex Simms will be doing his charity head shave before the game to raise money for LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.
TheyScreenshot 2022-07-07 at 15-23-50 (20 ) Facebook will also be having a bake sale on the day so bring some change to give to this great cause.
The day will be kicking off with the Head Shave @ 1pm and will run until 6pm so come down, have some fun and cheer on the Mavs for the final time this season.
Check out the posters for more details.

New Volunteer Presenters meet at Info Session

Volunteer Evening 20220602

John Englishby, presenter of the Monday Drive Time Show, Themed Tunes (4th Saturday at 2 pm) and the Odds and Sods Show (1st Saturday at 11 pm) demonstrates the Axia Digital Sound Desks to our new volunteer presenters – Christopher Praveen, Conor D’Arcy, Dalia Aguero, Ayomide Adesiyan, Dean Lawlor, Pamela Carragher, Eugene O’Hanlon and Kavneet Kainth.

Alan Byrne, Station Manager welcomed the new volunteers and explained that Dundalk FM is a Community Radio station – a social enterprise owned and run by local community groups and volunteers. Our new volunteers will take part in a Radio Course in September and will learn how to format a programme, record and edit interviews using audio software and how to work the faders on the sound desk, but before then they will have the opportunity to record one of our Spotlight, 100 Years of Music or Alphabeats shows.

The next New Volunteer Evening will be held in the Community Offices, Partnership Court, on 25th August at 7.00 pm. All welcome!


Holi Festival of Colours – LIVE – on Dundalk FM 19th March 2022

Kavneet Kainth1

Kavneet Kainth tells Alan Byrne about the Holi Festival of Colours. Kavneet then chats to Dr Dhilip Mahapatra founder of the Dundalk Indian Community Group ‘KASSI’, KASSI members Samil, Saachin and Richi, to Bindu Nair who was MC for the event and to guests Nikata and Jitendera. This programme is a recording from the LIVE Outside Broadcast which took place in the Geraldine’s GAA Clubrooms, Haggardstown, Dundalk on Saturday 19th March 2022.

Host: Kavneet Kainth.

Sound Engineer (on location): Alan Byrne

Studio Engineer: Chris Rahill

Photography: Michael Dowdall

Holi Festival 3 2022 Holi Festival 2 2022 Holi Festival 1 2022


dis ABILITY Louth with Dundalk FM and Dundalk Garda Station

Take a listen to our Information Announcements currently broadcasting on Dundalk FM.

Cars Parked on Footpaths

Misuse of Parking Spaces for Persons with dis ABILITY

Cyclists on Footpaths


Joe Duffy, Chair Dundalk FM, Garda Kate Patterson, Dundalk Garda Community Policing, Garda Sgt. Eugene Collins, David Larkin, Chair dis ABILITY Louth.

We give our thanks and appreciation to David Bellew at Dundalk FM for the production and to Dundalk Garda Community Unit for the endorsement.

dis ABILITY Louth looks forward to continuing our links with Dundalk Garda and Dundalk FM.

For more information see


Diwali 2021 Live on Dundalk FM

Diwali 3 2021 Diwali 2021 1 Diwali 2021 2

Host: Durgesh Tiwari.

Professor Dr Dilip Mahapatra, Sonal Shrivastav, Sayoni Roy, Jitendra Shrivastav, Rishi Soburn, Sachin, Jayesh Mistry, Surovit Roy, Karan, Pujan Shrivastav, Kavneet Kainth, Ravi Pandey, Sikha Pandey and Dr Pardeep Sayal

Recording and Editing: Alan Byrne

Production Assistant: Michael Dowdall

Photography: Michael Dowdall


Presenters can now send in an application for the Craol Achievement Awards 2021


 Craol Achievement Awards 2021 Explanation

Applications sought for Craol Achievement Awards 2021

This is open to all programmes broadcast in the last 12 months. Presenters wishing to submit an entry can email a completed form to The closing date is 1pm Friday 17th September 2021. You can download a copy of the form here or answer the questions in green below and email the station.

The Programme and Technical Committee will choose two entries to represent Dundalk FM at the Craol Féile and Achievement Awards which will be held in October.

Craol Achievement Awards Application Form 2021 for Dundalk FM Presenters.

Please email

  1. Show /Initiative Title

  2. Contact Name

  3. Name the individuals involved in the project/programme

  1. Category entered (choose one)

Social Benefit Talk or Music

Irish Language

Commissioned programmes

Community Volunteer Participation

Technical and Production Values

For a list of each categories description please click here.

  1. When was this programme originally broadcast?

  1. Please outline why you think your entry deserves recognition?

How do you feel your entry shows any of the following criteria;?

  • Innovation, team building, community participation, quality and community development and  awareness? 

  • Doing a programme that is not typically heard on the airwaves and one that the station or particular volunteers/staff had not attempted before, or in a way not done before

  • Getting a group of people to participate in the programme

  • What community group(s) are engaged in the making of these programmes

  • Indicating volunteer dedication, reliability, growth of competence and confidence, also, inspiration to others

  • What type of evidence of growing awareness about the relevant topic within your community can you provide – Website posts / Facebook posts / tweets / emails etc

  • Demonstrating creativity and commitment to strong production values, information on the process of producing the programme etc

  • Demonstrating innovation, creativity and value to your community especially in the last 12 months.  How your station delivered an effective service , adapted your schedule and provided social benefits to your communities.

  1. Is there any other information you would like to add about your entry?

  1. Please email a 2-7min sample of audio from your submitted programme.

  1. If your programme / initiative has been uploaded and shared via a streaming service like Soundcloud or Mixcloud, please provide a link.

Craol AA21

 2021 Achievement awards Explanatory notes on programmes to submit.

CORE AWARD CATEGORIES- (See notes on SB at end of document)

Social Benefit (Music)

Community stations are obliged under the 2009 Act to provide a social benefit to their community. This can be through a diversity of talk and discussion programmes. However, Craol recognises that much of the content of community radio consists of music programmes. We can explore how our music programmes can provide a social benefit to the community. This can be in many ways:

  1. Through the programme being produced by a team (of more than one)

  1. By a programme inviting local music enthusiasts on air to discuss the music, and

  1. Through the presenter displaying a growing media competence over many years of loyal volunteering.

Social Benefit (Talk)

Entries to this category are unrestricted about the type of programming

involved. Social Benefit acts as a rich description of our work, offering stations

wider scope in this area.

Commissioned programmes

Entries to this category must have been funded by an external body. (E.g. BAI, CFI, VEC, Simon Cumber, Government Department etc). Assessment will not just be restricted to production quality, but also of the multiplier effect, what impact had a programme on community engagement, or on volunteers within a station, or on any aspect of station activities. In short, how did this programme support the development of community broadcasting. The programme may be the primary outcome of a project, or a part of a wider process. You select a representative sample.

Irish Language Programmes

Entries to this category should demonstrate stations commitment to Irish language content. All varieties of Irish Language Programming qualify (including bi-lingual with a minimum of 50% Irish Language).


Community and volunteer participation

Entries to this category will show how community group(s) were involved in the making of these programmes, how they interacted, their commitment to programme and the development of group. Were Volunteers working with these community groups, did they mentor and support them, provide technical or production supports.

Technical production values

Entries to this category will demonstrate audio quality, techniques used, audio recording and editing, use of sound fx, broadcast- this can include station Jingles, promos, and ads.

Creativity and Effectiveness – Value to the community

Entries to this category will show how your station was creative and effective in dealing with the many challenges over the past year. How did this add value to your schedule, to your community and promote community development and cohesion?

Standout Award– This year Craol are introducing a standout award for each category. This award is based on a high-quality application, high quality audio and if the Judges deem there is an application that meets the criteria.

Definition of CR Social Benefits is: “Benefits to individuals or collective actors in the community that enhance their lives socially, culturally or economically, or in terms of development, empowerment and/or well-being, that otherwise would not have come about

Research Cooperative, Dublin.)

SB 1: Individuals, especially minorities and those marginalised, are growing in confidence and creativity and/or reinforcing a sense of belonging, directly from engaging with the Station.

SB 2: Individuals are enhancing their employment prospects, through gaining skills and confidence.

SB 3: Community members are informed and aware of what is happening around their community.

SB 4: Community members are responding more effectively to issues – local to global, because they have access to diverse viewpoints and to more and better information.

SB 5: Collective actors (CBOs, NGOs etc.) are facilitated, and reinforced in their capacity, to achieve their goals.

SB 6: The community sense of identity and cohesiveness is enhanced.

Access here, Community Radio Delivering Social Benefit – it provides a definitional framework for the concept of social benefit

Oriel Park Live – 2019 Winners

Since 2004 –

John Murphy

Ger Cunningham

Gussie Hearty

Alan Byrne

Tommy McConville (RIP)

New contributors

David Bellew

Seorise McCann

John Englishby

Ciaran Callan

Orla Crilly

Jason Kelly

Please outline why you think your entry deserves recognition

Oriel Park Live is the name of the League of Ireland match commentary provided by our team of volunteers since 2005.

The show is aimed at people who are housebound and at people from Dundalk who live abroad so that they can stay in contact with home.

A testament to the importance of the show can be heard in the Half Time Hellos. John Murphy, who turned 80 last year, reads out the list of people around the word (starting with Australia) that tune in. At the match on 23/09/19 this took over six minutes to compete.

When they are home, people often come up to John and his co presenter Gerry Cunningham in the stand to say hello and tell them where in the world they are listening to them from.

How do you feel your entry shows any of the following criteria; innovation, team building, community participation, quality and community awareness?

The Oriel Park Live Show has increased it’s team of Volunteers from four to ten.

A new pre match show started this year – Build up With Bellew – so that our new volunteers report live from the terraces and backrooms from home and away matches. A highlight was live reports from the Champions League Matches in Baku, Riga and Bratislava this year.

Other points of interest are

The post match interviews are played out in full as opposed of playing snippets.

A sports panel of senior soccer players and supporters broadcasts a Saturday afternoon show four times a year.

The show has been broadcast from Irish League venues e.g. Windsor Park (Linfield F.C.), Ballymena Showgrounds and Seaview (Crusaders F.C.).

Because of the show, the station has recorded radio documentaries from Belfast, Derry and Portadown.

Is there any other information you would like to add about your entry?

This year we teamed up with Derry’s Community Radio station – Drive 105FM – to do a dual broadcast from three matches from the Ryan McBride Brandywell Stadium. We rebroadcast the Match Night Live Drive stream and their presenter team is Dee Curran Eddie Seydek, Kevin Moore and Colin Greene. The team broadcast around thirty matches each year.

The local soccer league has also started to broadcast live matches during the week as a spin off to this programme.

Dundalk Lions 2019 WinnersVolunteers since 20024 –
Hugh McKitterick (Producer)
Shirley Clarke (RIP)
John Hennessy
Tadgh O SullivanAdditional New Volunteers from the last 5 years
Pat Byrne
David Larkin (Disability Louth and Lions President)
Tom Donaghy
Gerry Campbell
Irene Mayock
Conor KananaghThe team from Dundalk Lions Club use the local airwaves by producing and presenting their own weekly one hour show to highlight the work that they do in the area.This means that community groups benefit from additional recognition and that community representatives are interviewed on location and in the studio.The Lions show now has two teams so this shows an interest on their part to enhance the value of what they do.The show is very well produced and some of the members have been on air since the station began broadcasting in 2004.Dundalk Lions began broadcasting a complimentary radio show to accompany their Talking Newspapers Cassette Paper service for the visually impaired on Dundalk FM in 2004.The show was initially for half an hour and progressed to a one hour show for a number of reasons:
• More of the Lions have been trained to become community radio presenters.
• Some have purchased digital recorders and have been trained in audio editing techniques.
• The Lions Club run a lot of events and recordings made at these are played out during the show.
• There are two teams so that there is a regular rotation of presenters.
• The intros, promos, stings and music beds make this show one of the best sounding shows the station has.
• The show is the flagship community produced show and the team are willing to chat to any new community group who would like to do a show of their own on Dundalk FM.
• Some of the Lions have also served on Dundalk FM’s Board and Sub Committees.