Upgrade to our Outside Broadcasting Capability

9th November 2020  – Oriel Park Live with John Murphy and Gussie Hearty and a new Outside Broadcast Unit that links directly to a fader in the Main Studio.

This is the equipment that we purchased with a grant from Louth Leader and which was co-financed by the Dundalk FM Fundraising Committee.

Prodys 20201109



Community Radio Ireland Féile 13th November 2020

feile 2020 logo

The Community Radio Ireland Féile 2020 will take place online via ZOOM on Friday 13th November 2020. It will be a day for community development and radio production discussion and an exchange of ideas. As an online attendee you will meet CR activists from over 20 Community Radio Stations in Ireland. Please reply with your choice and you will receive a link to attend your chosen event.

Please register me for

  1. Open Sessions -YES / NO

  2. Workshop Number _______

  3. Achievement Awards – YES / NO

Return by email to alanbyrne@dundalkfm.com.

1. Open Sessions

You will receive a link and will be able log in to attend all of the sessions listed below during the day.

The Opening Address, Community Media Policy and Plenary Session 

12:00 midday           Welcome from CRAOL Chair Declan Gibbons
12:15-12:40              Conference Official Opening
14:20-15:20              Community Media Draft Policy Sean Ó Siochrú

15:30-17:30              Plenary Theme -The changing Face of
Community Radio – Remote but not Distant
Guest Speakers followed by Q&A from floor

2. Workshops

You will receive an email with a Zoom link to attend your chosen workshop.


4 workshops; (90 minutes each) please choose one only.

Workshop 1   Engaging your community during COVID-19

Aimed at: Outreach/Community Development Officers, Volunteer Coordinators and Programme Co-ordinators  (max 2 per station)

Workshop 2   Student Radio & young people in broadcasting (up to 4 per station)

Aimed at: Young people, students, Trainers and Volunteer/Programme Co-ordinators

Workshop 3   Broadcasting Remotely- Equipment, Software etc (up to 4 per station)

Aimed at: Technical, Production and Management 

Workshop 4   Risk Assessment for Stations  (max 2 per station)

Aimed at: Boards, Management and Administrators

3. Craol Achievement Awards

The 2020 Community Radio Achievement Awards will take place from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and up to 20 people can attend from each station. Dundalk FM have made an application for an Award in the Category Resilience and Innovation.


Applications invited for Sound and Vision Round 37

Dundalk FM is now accepting applications for Round 37 of the Sound and Vision 4 Funding Scheme.

The deadline is strictly 5.00 pm on Tuesday 15th September 2020 and completed applications should be emailed to talk@dundalkfm.com.

The Application Form and Guidelines are available on the BAI.ie website on this link:  Sound and Vision

Our Sound and Vision Committee will assess the applications on Wednesday 16th September.

Sound and Vision 4 (“the Scheme”) is a funding scheme for television and radio programmes, developed under the provisions of the Broadcasting Act 2009 (“the Act”). The objectives of the Scheme are:

  • Develop high-quality programmes based on Irish culture, heritage and experience,
  • Develop these programmes in the Irish language,
  • Increase the availability of programmes referred to above to audiences in the State,
  • Represent the diversity of Irish culture and heritage,
  • Record oral Irish heritage and aspects of Irish heritage which are disappearing, under threat, or have not been previously recorded, and
  • Develop local and community broadcasting.

To achieve these objectives, the Scheme offers grant funding to new television and radio programmes which deal with the themes of

  • Irish culture, heritage and experience;
  • Improving adult or media literacy;
  • Raising public awareness and understanding of global issues impacting on the State and countries other than the State
  • Any of the above in the Irish language.

The scheme is financed from the Broadcast Fund which comprises 7% of the annual net receipts from television licence fees.


How to join as a Volunteer Information Session July 29th 2020

Thanks to John, Consuelo, Danielle, Noel, Mark, Venus, Mark, Richard, Colin, Liana, Niamh and Hammond for your attendance at today’s Information Session.

Our staff Padraig and Marissa will be following up to help you to record a one-off music show (choice of AlphaBeats, 100 Years of Music or Spotlight).

Hoping to see you back with us when we begin our blended training in September. Alan Byrne, Manager.

Information Session 20200729

1Info Meeting Slides 20200729


We are hiring – Production Staff (full time)

Production Staff Poster 220720

The main duties and responsibilities are to

  • Provide broadcast training and to facilitate Community and Voluntary Groups and volunteer presenters to create radio shows.
  • Produce, present and edit programming according to the weekly schedule.
  • Ensure adverts are scripted, edited and recorded to a professional standard.
  • Assist at outside broadcasts, promotions, roadshows and to record these events as required.
  • Administer studio and equipment bookings.

A background in training, audio production and an understanding of social benefit is desirable.

To apply for this position, please send a Cover Letter and CV to

HR, Dundalk FM, Partnership Court, Park Street, Dundalk, A91 HH29 or apply by email to hr@dundalkfm.com.

Production Staff – Job Description June 2020

The closing date for applications is Wednesday 5th August 2020 at 5.00 pm.

Dundalk Media Centre Company Limited by Guarantee trading as Dundalk FM is supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development and

Pobal through the Community Services Programme.


National Community Radio Day – 19th June 2020

This Friday, June 19th is National Community Radio Day. It’s the day when CRAOL- Community Radio Ireland – and its member stations across Ireland celebrate and recognise the work and commitment of the more than two and a half thousand people – volunteers and staff – involved in this vibrant sector of the media.

Craol BAI Community-Radio-Delivering-Social-Benefit-

CRAOL BAI Report 20200420_Social_Benefit_Framework_FINAL_LB

CRAOL BAI Report 20200429_Story_Compen_FINAL_LB

NCRD 2020 Running Order-page-001

Begun in 2015, National Community Radio Day will focus on the Social Benefit of Community Radio, with a special four hour broadcast, hosted by 92.5 Phoenix FM, the Community Radio based in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Dundalk FM is streaming the complete show which includes interviews with Jim Ryan and John Murphy.

NCRD Poster (1)

This sixth National Community Radio Day will see the launch of two key reports;

Assessing the Social Benefit of Community Media – A Toolkit for Community Radio


Introducing a Social Benefit Approach to Community Radio- A Compendium of Stories, an action from the Broadcasting Authority’s Community Media Action Plan

Declan Gibbons, Chair of CRAOL and Michael O’Keeffe, CEO, The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland will officially launch the reports live on air at 12midday on Friday.

The CRAOL network comprises 21 fully licensed and 10 developing Community Radio stations. Friday’s broadcast will include input from volunteers and representatives from stations across Ireland, and this special National Community Radio Day programme will be available to all Community Radio Stations to broadcast

National Community Radio Day aims to create a greater awareness among the public of the importance of radio and to urge decision makers to establish and support access to information, access to the airwaves and Community access to radio.

It is also a day to keep in mind the unique capacity of Community Radio to promote social inclusion, promote community cohesion and engagement, and to empower and support Community broadcasters nationwide to deliver a Social Benefit to their communities, through active volunteerism, shared resources, good governance, partnership and networking.

As the original public event was cancelled for health and safety reasons – due to Covid 19, this year’s National Community Radio Day (NCRD) will be a radio based event, broadcast by Community stations across the country.


Remote Recording Tips

Notes from the Remote Broadcast Q and A Session 4

5.00 pm – 6.00 pm

14th May 2020

John Englishby, Dan Pope, Eimear O Kane, Brendan Coughlan, Cathal Cassidy, Alan Byrne, Cathal McCooey, Mary Rose Muckian, Philip O’Brien, Sean Callaghan and Padraig Quigley.

We will run a follow up on Thursday 21st May 2020.


Congratulations to Dan on the quality and style of his recent AlphaBeats V show.

Comment about recording shows on Zoom – Mary Rose.

I find that conversation can be stilted and doesn’t flow when you are talking at a laptop or tablet/phone. The way to improve this is to use headphones and a microphone so the audio is more immediate and engaging.


Padraig told us how he upgraded a laptop by installing SSD RAM.

SSD upgrade

We are applying for a grant to buy some podcast kits for presenters, in the meantime a €25.00 USB mic will bring your audio up to the level we hope that everyone will have.

320 Kpbs is the highest wav quality and is the recommended setting for when you are saving a show and sending it in.

Eimear is acquiring a laptop:)


Thank you to Philip for his explanation of how he created a promo for the Alpha Beats Show using

backing music, recording his voice directly to the DAW and the AlphaBeats whisper file.

Philip alphabeats (2)

John gave a demonstration of the Joe Jackson Spotlight show he was working on and will organise to give Mary Rose a lesson on editing.

Community Call

Some presenters are interested in joining a team of researchers, presenters and editors for our COVID-19 Radio Series. Zoom meeting to be set up.


CFI 20

Future Broadcasting Environment

8th June is when we will resume regular broadcasting whilst maintain social distancing. Only presenters – no guests. Until then there is a roster on who is allowed in and for what duration

David Bellew will be at the studio some evenings to allow for zoom live broadcasts to take place.

Next Week

A guide to broadcasting from home by Padraig and a Reaper edit demo with John.

In the meantime a free radio playout software you might like to try is Zara.

You can download Zara here https://www.zarastudio.es/en/download.php


Notes from the Remote Broadcast Q and A Session 3

5.00 pm – 6.00 pm

7th May 2020


John Englishby, Dan Pope, Eimear O Kane, Alan Byrne, Cathal McCooey, Philip O’Brien, David Bellew, Padraig Quigley and Mary Rose Muckian.

Advice on Sound Desks/PC/Laptop Microphones

  • If you are purchasing a new laptop then one with 16GB Ram with an i5 processor would be preferable for music editing and recording.
  • When connecting a USB mic you might have to set the input level to high to get the best quality.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct5Z2921Bx4Zoom – How to record a separate audio file for each participant.

Free Online Voice Recorders

Alternative to Zoom Video Chat

Audio Editing Q and A

What is the difference in audio quality between Wav and mp3 format?

Wavs have a lossless quality are much bigger, by a factor of 10 and tend to be better quality and mp3s have a lossy quality and are sort of squashed down versions of the wav but still very good to most people ears.
Mp3s are transportable more easily over email so you have to use a different platform something like Dropbox or We transfer, what we call F. T. P. file transfer protocol to get the wav files to your recipient.
When you copy a mp3 it will lose a generation of sound so it will lose quality every time.

96 12000 Hz

112 14000 Hz
128 16000 Hz






  • For a great information guide, take a few minutes to review this Sound on Sound article about different file types, sizes and quality levels.https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/what-data-compression-does-your-music
  • Most phones record in mp4 quality. This can be converted to mp3 using an online converter where you upload the mp4 file and then download the mp3 version.
  • Pre Records Timings – once the complete shows adds up to 50 minutes, there is leeway to have 27/23, 26/24 or 25/25 minutes.
  • Next Week: We will have a demo and Q & A on Audacity (Philip and John) and Reaper (David).


  • Spotlight – John is recording a Joe Jackson Spotlight.joe jackson
  • We will run a 3 hour live music show on a Friday evening for a station fundraiser in a few weeks time.
  • Padraig will record a promo with Brendan for the 1957 show.
  • Slane Concert Series – Cathal will do a test run with Pat Byrne using Zoom.
  • The 100 Years of Music stings will be available to download on the show webpage.
  • A new one hour show was mentioned by Cathal and he is looking for takers – it’s called ‘5 degrees of separation’ – one song leads to the next, to the next, to the next….
  • Community Call is a new 24 part series. MaryRose, Eimear, Dan and Philip have expressed an interest in helping to research, present and edit the show. Another way to do the series would be to focus on the sports clubs in town.
  • RTE Doc on One – Presenters ChoiceOur documentary slot is at 9.00 am on Saturday and the programme is repeated at 5.00 pm on Sunday. If you want to pick a documentary from https://www.rte.ie/radio1/doconone/ and send in your choice, we will add it to the schedule.


    By Presenter


    A Solemn Undertaking

    Alan Byrne


    Johnny Cashs Forgotten Tour of Ireland

    Caoimhe O’Malley


    Don’t Go Far

    Paul Donnelly


    Hidden Heroes of the Belfast Blitz

    Donal Carroll

    5 Women of the Revolution Tara Mulholland
    6 Prince at the Castle Michael Murray
    7 The Man from Tallahassee John Englishby

    Con Carey and the Twelve Apostles

    John Hennessy
    9 One day you’ll understand Tony Banda
    10 A Matter Of International Secrecy Marissa Lucchesi

Notes from the Remote Broadcast Q and A Session 2

5.00 pm – 6.00 pm

30th April 2020

John Englishby, Dan Pope, Eimear O Kane, Brendan Coughlan, Michael Dowdall, Cathal Cassidy, Alan Byrne, Cathal McCooey, Philip O’Brien, David Bellew, Sean Callaghan and Padraig Quigley.

20200430 Remote Broadcast Q and A
Advice on Sound Desks/PC/Laptop Microphones

  • Sean has upgraded to a USB mic and Brendan is using a plug in Mic.
  • Dan has a Zoom H1 which he could use as a mic.
  • John has a USB mic and Mic arm.
  • David has a Behringer mic connected to a mixer.
  • Alan is using a Zoom H2 as a mic.
  • Padraig has a splitter cable so that he can route the headphone from a mobile into the desk using the FX return channel.
  • Andy has bought some equipment and is nearly set up to record at home.

Recording Show/ links with Zoom

  • Sean will record the Beaten Tracks show each week with David using Zoom.
  • Marian and Charles will record Health and Well Being via Zoom as two 22 minute shows and email them to David.
  • Fadó Fadó will broadcast live with Zoom at 6.00 pm on Monday 11th May.

Audio Editing

  • If you want to learn Reaper – see David Bellew’s tutorial on the Dundalk FM youtube channel.

3 Tutorial

  • If you want to learn Dark Audacity, see Paula Healy’s tutorial on the Flirt FM (Galway’s student radio station) youtube channel.

Flirt FM Audacity

100 Years of Music


  • 1998 – Dan will record and edit the show using Audacity.
  • 1995 – Mary Rose will record links and David will edit the show.
  • 1993 – Daniel Deery will do this show. John Englishby will record Daniel remotely and edit the show using Audacity.
  • 1992 – Philip has recorded a show on Audacity and has sent it to the station by WeTransfer.
  • 1972 – Cathal is going to prepare the script.
  • 1971 – Eimear O’Kane will write the script and record using a Zoom recorder and send it to Padraig who will edit the show for broadcast.
  • 1968 – Sean will record this show with David on Zoom.
  • 1967 – David is working on this.
  • 1951 – Brendan is working on the script. Padraig will record it with him using Zoom.
  • 1944 – Alan has a show ready for broadcast.
  • If you know someone who would like to do a show, please let them know, I’d like to have 100 presenters, especially people who would like to join the station as a presenter in the future.
  • Shows completed so far are available to listen to anytime on our Mixcloud page.
  • https://www.mixcloud.com/DundalkFMMixcloud/



  • V – Dan is working on the show and will have it ready to send in soon.
  • H – Philip has sent in a show for broadcast



  • Cathal Cassidy would like to revise the History of Cinema in Dundalk radio documentary and is interested in doing a Movies and Musicals show.
  • Cathal McCooey invites presenters to host a show in the Slane Concert series (2nd Saturday of the month from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm) – Eimear is interested in this. He will follow up on his idea for a programme called ‘5 Degrees of Separation’.slane castle
  • Ready, Steady…Go by Zoom – 3 people, one hour, 10 questions, giggles, tales, opinions, wit and humour – (Eimear/Carole/Mary will do a show).
  • Odds and Sods April edition didn’t go out as advertised – we will check the this out for John.
  • Michael Dowdall suggestions
    • Interviews – a friend from India living in Dundalk, a relative living in Edinburgh and a 96 year old man living in Dundalk.
    • a Documentary about the beginning of radio technology.
    • A poetry slot, a book club (talk to Eimear).

Notes from the Remote Broadcast Q and A Session 1

5.00 pm – 6.30 pm

23rd April 2020

Tracey Hanby, Alan Byrne, Cathal McCooey, Philip O’Brien, Mary Rose Muckian, Pat Byrne, David Bellew, Sean Callaghan, Marian Del Duca and Padraig Quigley. Seoirse McCann was presenting the Drive Time show and unable to attend but we kept an mp3 file for reference. We will run a follow up on Thursday 30th April 2020 at 5.00 pm.

sms invite

PC/Laptop Microphones

A plug-in mic and headphones or a headset are preferable to using the built-in mic on a laptop or PC, unless you will be on air for just a short interview. The two mics below, which were purchased locally, cost €28.00 and €5.00 respectively.


They connect via a mic/headphone splitter or by a USB adapter. Gaming headsets also provide a step up in the audio quality. A digital recorder such as a Zoom or Tascam can be used as a mic. When you plug it into the laptop/PC, choose to connect as an ‘audio input’ rather than ‘file transfer’. A tripod and windscreen are also essentials to complete your audio kit.

Recorders and misc

Zoom H2n use as a mic with a laptop or PC.

Recording Shows

Sean will record the Beaten Tracks show each week with David using Zoom.

Marian and Charles will record Health and Well Being via Zoom as two 22 minute shows and email them to David.

100 Years of Music – 60 names so far, 40 to go…


2000 Tracey

1995 Mary Rose will record links on the phone (say a link, count to five silently, say the next link and so on….) and email them to David along with the list of songs.

1992 Philip

1968 Sean will record this show with David on Zoom.

1955 Pat has this completed and will send it in.

If you know someone who would like to do a show, please let them know, I’d like to have 100 presenters, especially people who would like to join the station as a presenter in the future.

Shows completed so far are available to listen to anytime on our Mixcloud page.



Pat – one done and will send it in.

Examples where Zoom could be used as part of live programming

The Slane Concerts Show with Cathal in the Studio and Pat on Zoom (or in the Production Studio).

Lion’s Club – the sound quality of the pre-recorded show is very good. The show could be done live via Zoom as is the Brunch.

Joining Paddy to present on Good Morning Dundalk /Tracey.

Hosting a panel discussion on Town Talk.

Fadó Fadó is pre-recorded via Zoom.

The Brunch is broadcast live and had 2 guests from the Chamber of Commerce join them last week. One guest used a headset (approx €25 and the audio quality was very high). Some audio is better e.g. where presenters are using USB or plugin Mics.

Sound Desks

A small analogue sound desk (with 2 XLR inputs) starts around the €50.00 mark. A desk with faders (usually 4 XLR inputs) would start around €120.00.

Local stores that would source a Sound Desk, recorders, and other audio equipment are B Sharp and Audio Comm.

6 Channel desk (2)_LI

Audio Editing Software

Philip recorded an AlphaBeats show using Audacity which is free to download.

Pat uses Reaper (you can use the full version free, to evaluate it, the cost to buy is €60).

If you want to learn Reaper – see the tutorial on the Dundalk FM youtube channel.


Sound Desk Accessories

Alongside a set of Headphones, a Mic, Mic Stand, and mic Windscreen, you will need some cables such as:

an XLR to connect your mic to the mixer,

a .5m or 1m RCA phono to jack lead with phono adapters to connect a laptop to the mixer,

a .5m or 1m 3.5 jack lead and adapter,

You might consider a Headphone Amplifier. This gives you the options to control the headphone level and take a feed out to an External USB Sound Card or Audio Interface which will give a better sound quality going into the streaming laptop.

Soumd Desk Accessories
Remote Broadcasting

You would need 1 x laptop to play out your music, ads, news, etc. You can download WinAmp for free. Another Free Radio Playout software used by many CR stations is Zara.

A mic, mic stand and pop shield.

An external sound card.

1 laptop which runs a small encoding programme that you download and type in the details for our server. A member of staff will run a series of tests with a presenter to ensure the audio and music levels are correct and that there is no buffering. A wired Ethernet cable connecting the router and laptop is advisable.


Broadcast Myself is an Android App (€3.09). Alan uses this app at away soccer matches to transmit the commentary and half time ads (saved as one file).

This evening’s chat was a chance for presenters who hadn’t met in person before to say hello. There was a wonderful sense of ‘we’re in this together’ which was demonstrated by being able to help colleagues with technical advice. I hope that you now have the confidence to try out the next step in remote recording and broadcasting – recording to a phone, recording on Zoom, audio editing, acquiring radio equipment and maybe someday – live remote broadcasting. For the kind words of appreciation for the support that you receive from staff, thank you.


20200423 Remote Broadcast Q and A

3 The Brunch18th April 20Below you will find tutorials to help you record and edit programming from home.

  1. How to record Links to your Smart Phone.
  2. How to Edit a Radio Show at Home.

The first describes how to record links for a show with a Voice Recorder App, your Smart Phone, your script and a room with soft furnishings. You can then share the files to our staff. We will prepare the show for broadcast.

Recorded and edited by David Bellew with thanks to Tara Tine/ March 2020.

The real enjoyment starts when you start to edit, top and tail, fade in and out, normalise, increase and decrease the amplitude, the dynamics processing and filtering. This next tutorial will show you how to combine the links, songs and any intro, outros or stings and render it into an mp3 file.

In the next tutorial, you will learn advanced expert tips on EQ, Noise Removal and Compression using plug-ins.