Water Safety Ireland – Louth

This series of five programmes introduces the listener to the organisers, trainees and instructors of Water Safety Ireland – Louth. The locations were in the Aura Centre Dundalk, the Co Louth beaches and the Regional, National and European Surf Life Saving Competitions. The series highlights the character building activities and friendships that start on the Irish beaches and continue throughout life. Water Safety is not an expensive sport but does demand that the participants commit a large amount of time.

Parents tell us that there is a lot of planning to do to get the children to the beaches and that this has created a reliance on each other to car share and look out for each other’s children. They describe how their children have been brought up through Water Safety Ireland – Louth events and training.

We hear about how they bring along the equipment each week to the training – the mannequins and the defibrillator. They also tell us how the sport brings out the teacher in teenagers because they learn to coach and mentor the younger trainees. It teaches them communication skills and how to handle responsibility and it gives them confidence so that they can carry themselves in an interview assured that their knowledge and skills have been certified by Water Safety Ireland.

Some of the parents help out at the competitions. They measure out the space for the Flag events and put down the flags. Other jobs include taking the fins from the surf board, helping to transport the equipment for competitions and organising refreshments and snacks for instructors.