Dundalk FM is looking for volunteers.

Dundalk FM is a community owned and run radio station and we need volunteers for a range of broadcasting duties – recording, editing, presenting, outside broadcasting…call in for a chat or sign up as a member. Member Application Form 2015

Dundalk FM is looking for volunteers. - Download This Episode

Volunteer Opportunities

Details of what you will have to do Hours per week Time/Day Contact person


if interested

Social Media Developer

  • 3 facebook posts per month
  • 1 website story per month
  • expand the number of facebook and twitter followers
2 hours Alan
Researcher for the ‘What’s On’ Guide 3 hours Wednesday Cynthia or Maria
Front Office

  • answer calls
  • greet guests
  • check emails
  • fill in competition sheets
2 hours Mon – Sunesp Friday 8.15am – 10.00am Cynthia or Maria
Research 6 songs for Too Cool for School Contribute to the programme countdown 1 hour Mon – Thurs8.00am – 9.00am Paddy
Contributor – Read out Community Notices Live 1 hour Mon – Thurs8.00am – 9.00am Paddy
Voice over – Record Community Notices 1 hour News Paddy
Sports TeamCollect information from all local sports clubs and prepare it for broadcast. 2 hours News Paddy
Current Affairs Contributors 3 + hours Town Talk Edel
News Journalist Research and record a 2 minute news bulletin incl sports, weather and bereavement notices. 1 hour Saturday and Sunday Danny
Roving Reporterattend an event and produce a 10 minute report 2 hours Town Talk Edel
Researcher help to book guests for the show. 2 -3 hours Town Talk Edel
Review an album 1 hour Lunch Box Padraig
Produce a ‘Guess the Year’ clip -2 songs, 2 stories, 1 movies, 1 TV series. 1 hour Lunch Box Padraig