Exciting radio show ideas at the Information Evening 8th March 2018

Information Evening March 8th 2018

The ideas and enthusiasm for becoming a community radio volunteer was evident at the March Information Evening.

Theresa Burns is interested in community development and current affairs.

Dan Pope would like to contribute to the sports news team and also to do an alternative music programme.

Peter Kirk is preparing a Spotlight show about Jason and the Scorchers. He is interested in how music from years ago is used in films and TV shows nowadays.

Faizam Ahmed would like to a monthly show about gadgets, talk about international politics and do a commentary on a cricket match.

Mike McMahon has a lot of experience as a music radio presenter and is interested in the back stories and how singers and bands criss cross and overlap each other.

Séamus Fee is interested in promoting the Red Cross and Order of Malta. He has a few ideas for a Spotlight including one on Charlie Pride.

Kevin Duffy would like to be involved in a programme which promotes health lifestyle and especially outdoor sports like hill climbing.

The next Information Evening will be on Thursday 10th May from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm and all are welcome.