Specialist Speech Shows



Here is a sample of the Specialist Speech Programme Proposals that we have received since February 2002. There’s more to come as we classify the stack of proposals and figure out where they belong. In the meantime, this is what we have – most of these programmes did get their place in the schedule, others never made it past the ‘good idea at the time’ stage.

If you want to add your name to Dundalk FM’s list of community broadcasters then call in to our Programme and Technical meetings which are open to everybody and are on the first Tuesday of the month at the station starting at 5pm.


Arts and Literature

Art Beat 09/08/02 Brendan Moriarty and Trevor Lee

For anyone interested in film, theatre, music and television reviews, with specific emphasis on young people (15yrs-30yrs).  Issues/topics to be covered, film reviews, theatre reviews and interviews, television reviews.  Reviews of music albums and performers.  Musical theme, music from film sound tracks and older Irish musicians.

Arts and Culture Show 02/02/11 Eileen Corcoran 

The show appeals to anyone with an interest in film, drama, TV, music, literature and history.  The show features lively discussion, debates and reviews.

Creative Flow 07/12/13 Jacinta Matthews

This show appeals to an audience ranging from 30 upwards.  The show features original compositions of short stories, poetry, book club, choices and occasional interviews with established authors.

Curtains Up!

For people interested in the arts, specifically drama and in local personalities and events.  Issues covered upcoming productions, theatrical anecdotes.

Listening to Literature 19/06/03

For primary and secondary school pupils and also aimed at a younger audience & older audience through a wide selection of prose, plays and poetry.  Issues/topics covered, an examination of issues raised by the texts on the Leaving Certificate English Course, with contributions for interested people, also light-hearted discussions of relevant/suitable text for younger listeners.

Local Entertainment News 11/08/03 Kate Gaynor

This show appeals to everyone from the age of 10 to 90 years of age.  The show features include covering topics such as theatre, drama, visual arts, arts & craft, events, live music and interviews with both organisers and participants in any local entertainment events.

Music and Poetry – 13/04/05 Frank Morne

This show appeals  to all listeners with a love for music, reading and poetry.  The show invites 3 guests in every week to read out poems, or from a piece of their favorite literature. The show also features a question and answer session at the end.

Poetry Readings / Creative Writing/ Drama Music Talent

For everyone 10 years or under, any religion, colour, creed or nationality.  Topics covered include poetry readings, interviews, Patrick Kavanagh Society, amateur drama on air, short stories, poetry readings and creative writing.  People who write poetry do they also write songs?  E book publishers brought into talk on the show, about how to get published, self publication patent & copyright issues.

Pundalk- 07/07/14 Cathal Sweeney

The show will appeal to a wide audience.  The show takes a humourous look at what’s happening in the news etc.

Radio Drama 7/08/08 Jamie Johnston

The show appeals to mostly an adult audience, but might also appeal to a younger audience as well. The show features a soap opera based on local issues, the soap opera aims to be realistic and informative.

Seen, Heard and Read Cathal Cassidy, Seamus Tiernan

This show appeals to all patrons of the Dundalk Library. The show features a review from European and Irish book’s CD’s and films & DVD’s.

The 3 R’s Rhythm, Rhymes & Writers – 22/02/05

The show mostly appeals to an older age group.  The show features locally produced music, written (prose, poetry, etc).  Interviews, with samples of material – readings and music recordings.

Audio Books

Audio Book Series 09/09/08

The show is aimed at all age groups. Tthe show will feature a reader reading a different book on each show and the programme is 100% speech.

Business Shows

Business Coaching Programme 24/07/14 Aidan Noone

This show would appeal mostly to business owners.  The show features topics such as business past and present, coaching tips for businesses, possible solutions and suggestions for improvement.

Business Matters 15/10/12 John Sisk & Mario MacBlain

This show would be of interest to the general public but specifically those with an interest in business matters.  The show features all things from the world of business from latest news to current exchange rates.

Enterprising People 25/07/02

For young business people and older working people.  Issues/topics to be covered people in small and new business and how they started, etc.  Musical theme popular music and associated songs to go with programme piece.

Saturday Magazine Show 03/05/02

For job seekers, anyone interested in career change or training.  Issues/topics covered feature on the LES, C.V preparation, interview skills, job spot, training opportunities, focus on particular careers, career direction.

Starting Your Own Business 02/12/09 Karen Devine

The show appeals to people with an interest in starting their own business.  The show features ideas, tips and interviews with people who have experience in starting their own business.

TECH Central

The show appeals to people interested in media, communications and modern conveniences. The show featured on all things such as PC virus, online chat rooms, MP3’s, video conferencing, voice data, internet costs, etc.

The Small Business 09/01/04 Tom Laramie

The show appeals to anyone with an interest in the business world.  The show features interviews with business people, covering all things business related.


A Semi Satirical Chat Show 01/07/05 Steven Peck

For an audience with an interest in debates, lively humour and important music of the 20th century.  The show features topics such as social issues, humour, ways of living and travel.

Dundalk Sketch Show

For people how like comedy.  Issues covered local, national, international, politics and news etc.

Borderline Comedy News 26/08/02

The target audience for this show is anyone with a sense of humour, features included are humorous slants on news, chat sketches and charters.

Sense  & Sensibility with Pete & Col 21/08/02 Pete Johnson and Colum McDonnell

For lovers of nonsense and non nonsense.  Issues/topic covered anything topical, in the news papers, on television, general life issues. Intermingled with class music and local music.  Musical theme, rock, punk, Ska, roots, reggae, world music, local music.

Sunday Supplement 13/06/03 Chris Clarke

The show would appeal to people from all age groups that have an interest in comedy.  The show takes a satirical look at the week’s news.  It also features a look at weird news paper stories comedy skits and on the street public interviews.

The Saturday Concept Live 15/09/08  Ken Gaughran, Dean Garland, Andrew Browne, Keith McLane

The show appeals to anyone with an interest in comedy.  The show features a light hearted look at current news, competitions, sketches, and live bands.

The Presenters’ Present Derek McDonnell

This show appeals to a large general audience. The show is based around the idea of giving the audience a chance to get to know the presenter, and giving the presenters a chance to show their humorous side.

Untitled 05/06/02 G. McDull

This show appealed to anyone with an interest in comedy.  The show features a broad base of comedy, with pieces by stand up comedians. 


Back to Basics 20/06/03 Euchaire Roberts

This show appeals to anyone with an interest in African foods.  The show features recipes for African dishes and music.

Live after Five on Dundalk FM Colin McKeown and Karl Moore

The show appeals to anyone with an interest in cooking. The shows main features are health, fitness, cooking, music and light entertainment.

Current Affairs

American Adventure 09/02/04

Intended audience, general.  Issues/topics to be covered international news updates.  Spotlights on sports personality, travel news & interviews with people who have an American experience to speak about, fashion and food.  Musical themes all types of American music.

Best Days 25/06/99  Derek Pepper 

This programme appeals to a general audience.  The show features music local news and information.

Brunch Karen Devine, Cathal Cassidy, Stephen Murphy, Ronnie Carroll

This show appeals to a general audience. The show is a magazine show, featuring music, movie reviews, current affairs plus guest interviews and informal chat.

Characters of Dundalk 27/03/02 Stanley Millen

This programme appeals to an older age group, interested in people.  In each show a different guest from the Dundalk area is invited in to speak.

Citizens Investigate 09/09/08

For a broad cross section, interested parties  would vary depending on issue being discussed.  Covering a broad range of topics ranging from social welfare entitlements,  tenants rights, employment rights to consumer rights etc.

Community Round Up Sharon Fitzgerald

This show appeals to community groups and the general public. The show features relevant local news, community issues community events, vox pop’s, consumer issues and community health issues.

Community Links 26/10/10 Geraldine McCullagh

The programme appeals to a wide audience.  The show covers issues such as community development and events happening in the community. 

Current Affairs

For a cross section of the community. Mainly national & international global events/issues from climate change, to the war in Iraq, to religion in Ireland.

Down Dundalk Way

For everyone.  Issues and topics covered local comments on national and local issues. Keeping abreast of news, views etc.  Musical theme relevant to programme.

Dundalk Talks 13/09/04 Derek McDonnell

This show appeal to a general audience.  The show is a current affairs show giving the people of Dundalk the opportunity to air their views on local issues affecting them.

Einheits Tag German Day of Reunification 14/09/06 Alan Byrne

This show appeals to an audience with an interest in history.  The show features an interview with Soren Haag and also German workers in Dundalk.

Environment Pat Mulholland

The show appeals to a wide audience interested in the environmental issues. The show highlights issues such as incineration and viable alternatives to incineration.

Expressions  24/11/09 Yinka Dixon

The programme appeals to a mixed age group.  The show features interviews, phone-ins.  The topics included on the show are entertainment, community outreach and music.

Global Talk 03/03/11 Conor McGinity

The show appeals to people with an interest in positive change in the community.  The show discusses issues such as poverty, conflict, climate change and the economy, the power balance and racism.

Harry’s Half Hour 05/06/02 Harry

This programme appeals to an age group of 35 years old and over.  The show features informal chats to well – known and not so well known Dundalk people, about current issues and about the yesterdays of Dundalk.

How’s it going boy?

This show would be of interest to a general audience. The show features an interview with 42 Corkonians.

International Development Documentary Series  03/06/06

The show appeals to a wide ranging audience. The programme features a series of four programmes about global issues. 

In Your Backyard

This show appealed to anyone with an interest in local news. The show featured one 10 minute spot open to anyone to comment on politics, local issues, media criticism.

Israel/Palestine 14/09/06

The show appeals to a wide variety of listeners.  The show looks at the conflict between Palestine and Israel form the perspective of second level students.

Irish Radio Transmitter Society News 07/02/11 Aidan Noone

The show appeals to a wide audience.  The show features news and interviews.

Lessard in the afternoon 01/08/11 David Lessard

This show appeals to an age group from 25 to 55. The show features new releases news and cinema reviews.

Micheal Connelly Reads one of his ‘Garda’ Stories 23/07/02 Michael Connelly

This show appeals to a wide range of listeners.  Each show consists of a fifteen minute story.

News  24/10/02 Charlene Hughes

This show appealed to a wide ranging audience.  The show featured local, national and international news stories.

O’Hanlon Park & Hillview Young at Heart Club 23/08/02  Mary Wyles, Edel Ross

This show appeals mainly to senior citizens.  The show takes an overall look at all areas, to identify the need in all of the community.

On The Street where You Live 28/01/10 Angela McQuaid

This programme appeals to all age groups interested in local interest stories.  The show covered issues regarding local topics.

People Matter 25/07/02 Geraldine Ayres

This show appeals to a wide ranging audience.  The show features Comhairle na nÓg, social services, health issues, (dental, E.N.T Dept, hospital A&E.)

Phone In 24/10/02 Charlene Hughes

This show appeals to a broad range of listeners.  The show features people phoning in with whatever they want to talk about, both national and local issues.

Radio Netherlands 28/11/06

This show appeals to a general audience.  The show is a weekly European magazine programme covering current affairs across Europe. 

Rise and Shine

Intended audience, early Sunday morning listeners.  Issues/topics covered, the show will be a weekly review of all the news which made the headlines in the previous week.  Musical theme easy listening music, music from artists such as Coldplay, The Stereophonics, Ronan Keating, Lulu, Robbie Williams, Brain Kennedy, Clannad.

Rossport Update Alan Finnegan

The show appeals to a wide audience and anyone with an interest in current affairs and human rights. The show features around the topic of the “Rossport” story, and the Irish government’s give away of our natural resources, health and safety of the intended pipelines security etc.

Sharp and Snappy – 12/06/07

The shows target audience will be made up of people ranging from 16 year olds to 60.  The show will cover entertainment in Dundalk and issues from the public that need to be answered, also local news what’s happening around the area.  

Sunday Papers

Intended audience, anyone interested in news.  Issues/topic covered all news making the headlines in the Sunday papers.  Musical theme, light material including music from the 70’s and 80’s.

Talk from Dundalk 11/08/03 Sean McDonald

This show appeals to people with an interest in topical debate on social events.  The show features discussions about everyday happenings in Dundalk that affect the town’s culture.

Talk of The Town – Michael Duffy

Intended audience over 21’s.  Issues/topics to be covered, different guests from all walks of life. Musical theme, middle of the road, adult orientated music and current chart hits.

The Grilling 27/05/02 Pete Johnson

For people interested in politics, society and culture.  Issues/Topics covered down grading of The Louth Hospital, racism, pollution, street violence.  Musical theme, as one person would be interviewed per show, two songs would be played.  One song at the start and one at the end.  These songs will coincide with the topic being discussed.  

The Louth Voice 14/03/11 Karl Moore

This show appeals to an audience of all ages both male and female.  The show features phone and text ins, and the show.  The show discusses local, national politics with invited guests, including T.D’s Councillors etc.

The Real Me Michael Heeney

The show appeals to a varied audience. The show is an interview show, with guests answering questions with wide ranging interviews on special interests.

The Week in Review 01/03/03

For community people, doctors, lawyers, business people, students, and news oriented individuals. Highlight of the major issues of the past week which made headlines in the broadcast and print media.

Town Beat 25/07/02 Vincent Clarke

This show appeals to a wide range of the general public.  The show features topics such as current affair, and phone in issues live on the programme. 


Ability Focus 21/02/09 Linda Hamill and Christina O’Boyle

For ages of 18 to 80.  The show engages listeners by focusing on issues that would help people with a disability and by empowering and sharing their experiences.  Issues/topic covered disability, ability issues, access in education, training, transport, the build environment and what people with disability can provide to society generally.  

Wayne’s World 06/05/04 Wayne Mooney and Jason Reilly

This show will appeal to a general audience.  The show aims to raise awareness of people with disabilities, to make more people aware of the situation.

Don’t Look Listen Fiachra Hamill

The show appeals mostly to an elderly audience and the visually impaired. The show features readings from various novels.


Dead Sea Scrolls 10/04/02 Yanky Fachler

This show appeals to a general audience. The show is about the archaeological discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in a cave in the hills near Qumran, the desert community where Jesus is believed to have lived.

Heart of The Matter 06/04/05 Kevin Marley and Stephen Murphy

This show appeal to a general audience.  The show features Christian issues and interviews with people to share their Christian experiences with members of the Dundalk Baptist Church.

I Believe I Can Fly 08/05/02 Alex Alajiki

Some of the main features of the show are understanding your purpose in life.  Learning how to overcome your limitations and learn how to find your field in life. For all classes of people.  Issues and topics covered, understanding your purpose. You can overcome your limitations. Musical theme, Jazz music.

Inspiration Peter Lynch

Intended audience, inter-denominational Christian emphases.  Issues covered, Christian faith related to marriage, family, youth, self development.  Musical theme various Christian artists from the UK and Ireland.

Inspiration 29/07/04 Bukola Ishola

This show appeals to the general public.  The show features discussions on topics such as depression, addiction, counselling, and orientation of culture.

Medjugorje – is it the super natural or God? 07/10/09 Betty Clarke

This show would be of interest to anyone with an interest in religion.  The show features special interest pieces about God, religion and spiritual.  The show also features local guests coming in on air to share their experiences.

Musical Life Stories 21/10/09 Betty Clarke

This would would generally appeal to people aged 30 and upwards. The show features include covering all of the areas of spiritual and human interest.  The show engaged it’s listeners through musical interest, and individual life stories and interest in God.  Issues/topic covered peoples life styles told through music.

Power To Change Barry Hynes

This show appeals to an audience ranging from teenagers to people in their late twenties. The show features topics such as religion, faith, Christianity, social issues, moral issues etc.

Random Talks 01/03/03 Paul Mefor

For people who are generally interested in philosophical and religious issues.  Issues/topic to be covered, faiths, religious, philosophical of different organisations thoughts and beliefs of non-religious bodies and how these relate to the Irish society.  What does the Irish society stand to gain from these organisations.  Musical theme, classic music, music from the different faiths and religions.

Redeemer Review 05/09/08 Denis Kennedy

For an audience with an interest in local topics, personalities stories and interviews.  Issues covered include pilgrimages, Holy Wells, African life, Bible stories, local news updates, guided prayer.  Musical theme pan pipes, music with a reflective mood.

The Jesus Boat 10/04/02 Yanky Fachler

This show appeals to a general audience.  The show is about the discovery of a 2000 year old fishing boat under the mud of the Sea of Galilee.

Time To Reflect Yinka Dixon.

This shows appeals to a mix of age and gender. The show features topic such as the word of God, life issues, social antisocial, political, religion and community outreach.


Health and Fitness Show

Intended audience general, Issues/topics to be covered healthy life style tips ranging for health eating options and recipes, to exercise programmes, work out tips and interviews with guests involved in the fitness industry and people involved in upcoming events e.g Dundalk 10k run.  A holistic approach to a healthy life style.  Musical theme, motivational up tempo music associated with exercise e.g. Eye of the Tiger.

Life Style Show 06/01/14 Geraldine Kieran

This show would appeal to adults aged from 25 to 45.  The show features topics such focusing on health, mental health, fitness and approaches to creating a positive lifestyle for oneself.


Adelphi Days 01/04/02 Owen White

This  show appeals to people aged 40 year and over.  The show features the history of the Adelphi building, the bands and artists who played there, including Roy Orbison, the Everley Brothers, the Temptations and the Showbands. The shows musical theme is the music that the bands and artists played down through the years in the Adelphi.

Irish Polar Histories18/07/09 – Paul Wright

The target audience of this show are people of all ages with an interest in history.  The show features a series of documentaries focused on Irish explorers who conquered  the Arctic.

Macardle Moore Brewery

The show appeals to a wide range of people with an interest in history.  The show covers the history of the Macardle Moore Brewery, with interactions with guests and music from the time.

On This Day 13/09/08

For people aged from 18 to 80 years old.  The show engages the audience by inviting on guests to contribute to the show.  Issues/topics covered, historical events related to the  local and surrounding area. The show features songs that were number one on that day down through the years.


Achievers 02/03/04 Joan Brady

This show would be of interest to a wide range of people.  The show features issues relating to personality, including interviews, business, sport, authors and all areas of life.

Body & Soul 09/09/02 Hope Gully & Phil Fisher

This show appeals to anyone interested in getting to the heart and soul of the guests coming into be interviewed, rather than what they do. The show features an exploring of the depths of people’s life and after life, past, present and future.  The show also features one to one exploration of  the phenomena of human beings.  Musical theme, relevant to each guest and topics discussed on the programme.

Chatterbox 21/08/02

The target audience for this show will be from the age of 35 upwards, the show features general and topical chat with well known and not so well known guests with the odd hit song from the charts thrown in to the mix.

Dandelions Health & Well-Being Show 13/07/12 David Jones and Kathleen Maddy

The show appeals to a wide audience of people interested in health and well- being.  The show features discussion of a broad nature of related health topics including, diet, physical fitness, mental and emotional health, alternative medicines and therapies.

Feel Good Friday 09/05/13 Karl Moore and Colin McKeown

The show appeals mostly to 20 to 40 year old. The show features on topics such as positive lifestyles, stories, health, fitness, food, fun up beat music and each show finishes with an upbeat song.

Leaving Certificate 2005 08/03/05 Karen Neary

This show appeals mostly to Leaving Cert students.  The show features help and tips for the Leaving Cert in the areas of poetry and English.

Runners 22/02/05 Niall MacCárthaigh

The show appeals to a general audience.  The show features the life and interests of people who have moved to Dundalk from other parts of Ireland and abroad, whether 10 days ago, 10 years ago or longer.

Studio Five 07/01/14 Frank O’Callaghan  

This show will appeal to a wide general audience.  The show will feature an interview with local people of interest each week.

The Square Roots 22/02/05 Niall MacCárthaigh

The show mostly appeals to geeks, nerds, quacks, oddballs, the idle rich and all other types of people from every age group.  The show features trivia, novelty items, quizzes, puzzles, riddles, lateral thinking problems and the rest.

Up Close and Personal 13/11/08 Heather Evans

This show appeals to a wide audience.  The show features issues such as personal issues that concern people.

You’ve got me thinking 12/05/08 Kevin Barry Mackin

Intended audience, quite broad (depending on guest being interviewed).  The programme generally appeals to listeners from all age groups. The programme covers all aspects, topics & issues that brought back memories of what inspired and influenced them through their lives to get where they are today.  The programme involves a weekly guest who has brought a sample of what  inspires and influences them through their lives. This includes books, music, and stories.

Mental Health

Beat the Blues 12/06/02 

The target audience of the show is the general public that have an interest in learning more about mental health.  The show will have features on mental health depression, treatment, fund raising, counselling and therapy. Intended audience general public.  Issues/topics covered, mental health, depression, treatment, fund raising, counselling and therapy.  Musical theme music from David Grey, Arcady, The Handsome Family etc.

Talking Minds 01/07/08 Derek Pepper

The show appeals to people of all ages.  The show is centered around the issue of mental health. Features include mental health and mental illness, covering schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression and personality disorder.  The show places an emphasis on recovery and the supports and services available to people.


This Island Nation 17/10/14 Tom MacSweeney

This show appeals to anyone with any interest in the of maritime Ireland.  The show covers matters widely nationally and internationally.

A Fisherman’s Tale 16/11/06 Trudy McLaughlin 

This show appeals to all age groups with an interest in maritime issues. The show is a documentary about the fisherman of Inishowen.


Parenting 101 29/05/05 Catriona Hodgers

Intended audience parents.  Issues/topics to be covered all aspects pertaining to parents, child psychology children’s health, advice for parents on all aspects of parenting.

Public Speaking

Conversations with Dundalk Toastmasters 13/05/09 Dundalk Toastmasters

Intended audience, general.  Special interest of the show, public speaking, personal development, self improvement.  The show engages listeners by providing helpful tips, advice and discussion.  Issues/topics covered, overcoming public speaking fears, building confidence.


Psychic Connection 21/05/02 Ann Watters

Intended audience, mainly females in all age groups.  Issues/topics to be covered, psychic and spiritual topics.

Psychic Wavelengths 23/08/02 Ann Watters

This show appeals to all open minded and aware people of all age groups.  Issues to be covered psychic aware, alternative healing, mediation and crystals.

Women’s Programmes

Dundalk FM Time Timeout  08/02/08 

This programme generally appeals to women.  The show features a number of guests, text ins from listeners to decide on which topics to be covered.  The show covers a wide selection of topics.

Late Lunch 22/04/05 Catherina Lynch

The show appeals generally to women of all ages.  The show features discussions on topics such as child care, prams in the park, disabilities & access & various thought provoking issues.

Modern Women 12/05/08

For females of every age group.  The show engages the audience by the use of vox pops, phone ins, coverage of community events including what’s on.  Issues/topic covered anything and everything to do with the modern female.

Talk 2 Me 08/05/06 Yinka Dixon

For people interested in community participation/interaction special interest.  Issues/topics covered, talk show, radio magazine.  Issues in focus, other matters suitable for discussion relate to women and young people.

Tina’s Half Hour  27/08/02 Tina Harris

This show appeals mostly to females aged over 30.  The show features interviews with interesting people from Dundalk, women’s fashions, phone ins, and basically anything of interest controversial or not.

Women’s World 07/08/03

Intended audience, women of all ages in the catchment area.  Issues/topics covered women’s health/ entertainment, political issues, e.g child care, tax credit P/T work etc.  Musical theme, all current music and some older music to appeal to elder women listeners.


Down Town Club 21/08/02 Gavin McEneaney

This show appeals to people aged 10 to 13.  The show features topics such as video games, DVD’s, pen pals, and events locally for that age group.

DYC Teen Talk 01/04/14  Elis McSherry and Jonathon Thorpe

The shows would appeal to teenagers and young adults.  The show features topics such as teenage life, discussions and debates.  

Kid’s Programme 21/08/02

Intended audience, everyone up to 14 years old.  Issues/topics to be covered finding out kids interests and the music they listen to and the issues they have.  Musical theme the children’s choice.

Mission Europe 01/06/06 Radio Fabrik

This show appeals to young people.  The show features discussions on languages, culture and travel.

Teenage Kicks 10/03/04 Fiona Woods and Linda Mullaney

The show mainly appeals to teenagers.  The show features the issues affecting teenagers e.g bullying, relationships, and celebrities.  The show also features songs that would appeal to teenagers.

The Talk of Dundalk – Oisin Tormey and Stephen Todd

This show appeals to an audience ranging from 10 to 20 years old.  The show features what’s going on in Dundalk at the moment along with interviews and good music.

Our Changing World 09/07/02 Geraldine Ayres

This show appeals mainly to youths.  The show features themes such as an asteroid on a collision course with the earth. How would we survive in the after math if it landed on solid ground and not in the ocean.

Youth at Large Aislinn McCann, Aislinn McGrane, Natasha McAverinney

This show appeal to youth aged from 13 to 19 years of age.  The show features a children’s questions and answers slot, reviews of local entertainment i.e cinema, music and entertainers.