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Here is a sample of the Language Programme Proposals that we have received since February 2002. There’s more to come as we classify the stack of proposals and figure out where they belong. In the meantime, this is what we have – most of these programmes did get their place in the schedule, others never made it past the ‘good idea at the time’ stage.

If you want to add your name to Dundalk FM’s list of community broadcasters then call in to our Programme and Technical meetings which are open to everybody and are on the first Tuesday of the month at the station starting at 5pm.


Straight Talk Africa 18/11/08 Mighty Shovel Osemowonibo.

Intended audience, all age groups.  The show engages it’s audience by covering true African Cultural events and news for the African Community in Dundalk.  Topics & issues covered African news & events. Musical theme a mix of Irish and African music.

Afro Jist  21/08/02  Abimbola

This show appeals to anybody interested in African culture.  The show features traditional music, news and discussion of issues of importance. 

Africa Day
Africa Day
Africa Day Dundalk


Craic with China 30/10/08

Intended audience ranging from the age of 18 to 80.  The show introduced the Chinese culture to Irish and served the Chinese Community in Dundalk.  Issues/topic covered by the show, Chinese events happening in Dundalk, Chinese Culture, music, city etc.  Musical theme a mix of Irish and Chinese music.


Explosif 01/05/02 Migual Kaguaka

French speaking show, covering matters concerning the town of Dundalk and the surrounding area. Musical theme is a mix of African Music (Rumba Rhythm), American music, European and more.

Les Jeunes a l’ecoute

French speaking show, covering the topics of violence among young people and their education, offering advice.  Musical theme African music (Rumba Rhythm), American, Reggae, and European music.


An Meangadh Beag 15/09/08

Intended audience, everyone aged 13 years or older.  The show covers the topic of the Irish language, and Irish music.  The show features music from Irish artists from down through the years.

Siamsaíocht Dhún Dealgan Trí Ghaeilge 09/12/04 Mary Bailey

The audience this show mainly appeals to is people aged from 17 to 24 years old.  The show comprises of both music and film reviews through Irish.  The show also features a  tips segment for leaving cert students to help them with their leaving certificated oral exam.


Latvian Talk Time 11/05/04 Landa Prancane

The audience this show appeals to is people from the Irish/Latvian community and general public.  The show features included topics such as Latvians living in Ireland, EU enlargement, Latvians influence on the Irish economy, Irish people’s attitude towards Latvian’s employed in Ireland.


Simul Polonia Fair 2014
Simul Polonia Fair 2014


The Spanish Show 19/03/09 Luca Ramona Nicoleta

Intended audience, Spanish students living in Dundalk.  Issues/topic to be covered, Spanish News, Spanish Parers, Spanish Music, Spanish Entertainment News.

Lithuanian Fair 2015
Lithuanian Fair 2015
Lithuanian script
Lithuanian script

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