Music Shows

Here is a sample of the Music Programme Proposals that we have received since February 2002. There’s more to come as we classify the stack of proposals and figure out where they belong. In the meantime, this is what we have – most of these programmes did get their place in the schedule, others never made it past the ‘good idea at the time’ stage.

If you want to add your name to Dundalk FM’s list of community broadcasters then call in to our Programme and Technical meetings which are open to everybody and are on the first Tuesday of the month at the station starting at 5pm.


Back to the Sixties 30/03/08 Tom Gernon

For everyone who likes music from the Sixties.  The show will engage the audience through phone requests, phone ins, guest interviews and voxpops, playing a range of 60’s material including A sides, B sides, and album tracks.  Also includes songs that didn’t make the charts.

The Jimmy Dave Show 08/09/02 Jimmy Dawe

This show appeals to a wide ranging audience.  The show covered local events and music from the 60’s up to the 90’s, including classic swing and big band country.


80’s Music Show 25/02/05 Neil Ross

For anyone with an interest in 80’s music, featuring music from different years down through 80’s and also features some sports news from each year in question.


Afro-Jist 01/05/02 Abimbola Joseph Osobe

The show is aiming for an audience of people who like African music of all different age groups.  Features of the show are some English and pure African tunes.

Music from East Africa Today 10/02/11 Mohammed Babkar

For an audience with an interest in African music, for all age groups.  The show features interviews with guests who have a special interest in East African music.


First Cut 15/08/07 David Manning

For the young and not so very young.  The show features a segment on new bands, new demos etc.  The show also takes a look at new bands just started, rehearsals and gigs, copyright etc.

Get Ready to Witness 01/06/02 Helen Lavelle

For Witness fans, ticket holders and non-ticket holders.  Covering acts that played Witness, speak about the acts, music from various acts playing at the weekend. Music from bands such as Basement Jaxx, Oasis, The Hives, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Cornelius, No Doubt, Green Day, The Foo Fighters, Badly Drawn Boy, and lesser knowing acts.

Mix-tape Mondays 06/06/08 Darren Mackin

For the ages of 14 to 40.  The audience will be engaged by text in’s, requests, and interviews from local bands. Featuring new bands plus interviews, live performances, gig news, film reviews, playing of local band demos. The show will be made up of 70% music and 30% speech.

No Requests 15/02/10

Intended audiences, from age 15 and over.  Special interest music and popular culture. The show engages the audience through a discussion of theme and the show explores the impact music has socially and the various depths of emotional response derived from songs. Topics/issues covered socio-political and human emotion.

Punk and Disorderly 01/04/13 Shane Tipping

The show appeals to all music lovers aged from 16 to 80. The show covers all things punk from band reviews, to upcoming gigs, album and single reviews. Plus interviews with bands that are coming to town.

Planet of Sound 01/05/02 Adam Matthews

Anyone with a genuine taste in music, who won’t settle for what is being given in the charts.  People who feel they are obliged to go in search of a new music to satisfy their addiction. Covering local gigs, fundraisers, etc. (mainly, local entertainment) *alternative music*.  Music from artists such as The Pixies, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, The White Stripes, local band demo’s, The Strokes, The Hives, Teardrop Explodes, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, The Smiths.

Rock in Hindsight 20/01/09 Daire McAnallen and Gary Conlon

For males aged between the ages of 15 to 45 with an interest in rock music, particularly from the late 1980’s onwards. The show features a guest with a special interest and knowledge of each year that is covered during the show.

Rocking the Suburbs 01/05/02 Gavin Dullaghan

For males and females between the age of 13 yrs to 25 yrs. Show will feature local band interviews, up and coming concerts, skate parks and extreme sports and other issues. Music from bands such as Nirvana, the Smashing Pumpkins, The Foo Fighters, Ben Folds, Muse, Radiohead & The Hives.

Soundscape 01/06/02 Ronan Rafferty

For 20 yrs to 40 yrs.  Tracks from Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nick Drake, Tom Waits, Tortoise, A Silver MT, Zion, Two Lone Swordsmen, Mogwai, Stereolab, Aphex Twin, Square Pusher, PJ Cam, Boards of Canada.

Storm The Orchard 27/03/14 Danny O’Hanlon

For fans of rock music and comedy.  The show features a mix of music new and old, as well as some radio appropriate comedic elements and sketches.

The Drop 30/08/10 Niamh Kirk

The show is aimed at an audience ranging from 16 – 35 and will engage the listeners through texts in, social networks, email, websites, competitions and requests.  Issues/topics covered include all things electronic and interviews with local artists, local and nationally released music and international acts playing in the local area.  Community groups will be brought in on a show.

White Noise 17/08/02

For people with a wide range of musical taste. What’s happening around the town, and coverage of up and coming gigs.  Music from Primal Scream, Pink Floyd and Sonic Sounds.

Who Shot J.R.? 25/02/02 John Ryan

International and local Rock Music, local gigs, plus music news and national concerts. Music tracks from Rock, Metal, Alternative, Indie, Grunge and local bands.


Americana Highway 11/05/02 John Cotter

The target audience of this show was anybody interested in the origins of current music. The show traces music origins from the 20’s the whole way up to the 90’s. The show covers music ranging from bluegrass, country, folk to traditional music.

American Country

P.Q’s Country 27/02/04 Padraig Quigley

For anyone who has an interest in American country music.  The show is mainly about American country artists and also some Irish artists too.  The show takes requests from listeners for their favourite country music songs.


An Oasis of Indescribable Delight 21/08/02

For a general audience. Each week – various  theme chosen e.g. Motown, Punk, Soul, Funk, Ska, etc.

Bob Dylan Show – Noel Sharkey

A 17 part show for Dylan fans and a wide range of age groups. Shows discusses his influences and the ups and downs of his private life as well as his musical life and his music taste from beginning up until the present day.

Dancing With Dinosaurs – Anthony O’Hagan

For anyone who is interested in the history behind songs.  The show uses local historical knowledge to explore the background of actual songs and artists.

Etown 04/09/08

For a general audience. American download from etown Theatre, Boulder, Colorado recorded live.

Landmark Artists 16/12/04 Nicolas Puyane

For all ages of music lovers. Featuring a different recording artist each week with a slot devoted to local bands and new acts, including music from artists such as Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Prince etc.

Legend in their Spare Time – Padraig Quigley

For anyone with an interest in music documentary style shows.  Each show focuses on one individual act.

Nil an ach Rock n’ Roll 20/08/06

For a general audience with a musical interest.  Each programme is dedicated to a specific artist or event.  Music from artists such as Pulp, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Heineken Green Energy Festival.

Peaches & Scream  03/02/02 Paula Flynn 

This show appeals to a wide audience of music enthusiasts of all ages.  The show features various artists, dead and alive, who have influenced the music business as well as individuals.

Rolling Stone Magazine Top 50 – Shane Tipping

For a wide variety of listeners.  This show will feature songs taken from the  Rolling Stone Magazine Top 50 music tracks.  


Blues Talk 02/09/03 Richie Ford

For adult blues enthusiasts.  The show covers everything about blues music past and contemporary blues artists.

Classic Rock

American/ Australian Rock 27/08/02

For 15 yrs to 35  yrs.  American and Australian Rock music covering bands and old and new rock music track releases.  Music from artists such as the Counting Crows, Match Box 20 etc.

Amplified 04/10/14 Cathal Sweeney

For everyone with an interest in classic rock.  The show features topics such as what’s on in the cinema, TV and what is happening around the town.  The show also features interviews with bands and plays a wide variety of classic rock music.

Dad Rock 04/08/02 Alan McEneaney

For fans of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s rock music.  Albums, artists, gigs from past to present related to rock music.  Music from artists such as Van Halen, Queen, The Kinks, Dire Straits etc.

Deafening Decibels Cathal Sweeney

This show appeals to all fans of classic and hard rock. The show featuredsdiscussions, events news and reviews and of course a lot of classic rock hits.

Hammer on 03/09/03 Derek Pepper

For 16 to 40 years old.  The show features guitar rock music from the 60’s up to the 90’s, including artists such as the Beatles, Elvis, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC etc.

Let’s Rock 21/08/02 Helen Lavelle

This show appeals to all lovers of rock ‘n’ roll music featuring a lot of different rock ‘n’ roll songs from down through the ages.

The Sound 10/03/11 Liam Kearney

The show is primarily aimed towards teenagers and young adults.  The show features a wide range of music from classic hard rock, old school heavy metal, good time rock and roll.

Voodoo Rock – 20/01/10 Liam Burke

For all age groups. Classic Rock of the decades.  The show engages the listeners by getting them to call and text in their requests to the show. Music from artists such as AC/DC and the Horslips etc.


Chart Requests – Connor Philips

For teenagers to people in their 30’s, and people who generally like modern music.  The show features a lot of chart hits, and also features recorded interviews with some artists, the audience can also text or ring in their requests for the show.

Chart Show – Danny Farrell and Kris Rogers

For a wide selection of the general public. The show features topics such as pop culture, chart music, as well as music to suit every age group.

DJ Rock on the Radio Oliver Hanrartty

The show appeals to a wide general audience. The show plays a variety of good music and also plays requests for birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Impact 06/10/14 Adam Heslin

For a wide variety of listeners.  The show features special guests, requests and a wide variety of music.

Let’s Pop 21/08/02 Helen Lavelle

Intended audience, teeny bopper kids.  Issues and topics to be covered, all things to do with pop music, reviews of albums, artists etc.  Music from artists such as S Club 7 etc.

Present Tense Daire McAnallen

The shows appeals to an an audience ranging from 15 to 35 and anyone with an interest in all forms of rock music. The show features up to date news and information regarding relevant artists.

Top 20 Hits 24/10/02

For 7 yrs – 50 yrs.  Featuring the week’s new dawn of top 20 hits with a mixture of music, depending on what was in the top 20 hits at the minute, e.g. pop, rock etc.

Top 30 Hits 03/12/03 Louise McNamee

For children and teenagers. Featuring the current number 1 song in the charts, as well as what is going on in the charts.

Speed Spin Saturday  13/04/02 Brendan Homer

This programme appeals to a wide ranging audience.  The show features song taken from the current chart hits.

Country and Irish

 Jimmy’s Country (Country and Irish) – 20/04/05 –  Jimmy Neary 

For middle aged people and upwards.  The show mainly features country and Irish music.

Shades of Green – 20/04/05 – Jimmy Neary 

For middle aged people and upwards.  The show features music from artists such as Foster & Allen, The Fureys, Big Tom etc.


Club Sounds 21/02/09 Lorcan Finegan

From the age of 14 – 30.  The show engages it’s listeners by giving young people in the community the opportunity to phone in requests for favourite tracks and DJ’s and conversations with local DJ’s  from around Dundalk.

Energy 29/06/11 Killian Mitchell

For people aged from teenagers to people in their thirties.  The show’s main feature is focused on new hits, and online raves.

Musica 26/08/02 David Lessard and John Smyth

Intended audience 18 yrs to 35 yrs. Primarily high quality dance music intended to “warm” people up before they hit the night clubs.  Latin, American, Indian, House as well as mainstream music.

New Breed of Dance

For 15 yrs to 35 yrs. New and upcoming D.J.’s will be interviewed to give them a 10-15 minute session.  Five new dance singles to be reviewed each week.

Drum & Bass

Break Beat Science 24/04/02 Paul McMahon

For people who are fans of drum and bass, skateboarding etc, people into dance music. Features include new releases, gig guides, up and coming DJ’s, mix competitions, what’s going on on both sides of the border in the Drum & Bass scene, new releases, classic and old school Drum and Bass.

Easy Listening

Cellar Vaults 01/06/02 Paul Donnelly

For 35 yrs plus featuring T.V music that reached the charts and features such as “The Man Was Who” (an A side flop B Side Hit).  Tracks from the Carpenters, Brotherhood of Man and instrumentals from the charts and movie screen tracks.

Saturday Night Juke Box 05/02/07 Dearbhla Walsh

For people in other time zones listening via the Internet aged 25 plus, people relaxing at home, late night workers, e.g. taxi drivers, factory workers, nurses lorry drivers etc. Request show featuring a wide range of music to suit everyone.  Desert Island Disc type interviews with members of the community and the arts/music community. Featuring music from artists such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Van Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Annuna, the Pogues, Light Opera/Classical, the Gypsy Kings (and other types of world music).

The Easy Listening Show Padraig Quigley

The show appeals to a wide ranging audience, and features a wide variety of music from the 60’s and 70’s.


The Sideline Project 25/08/02 David Gernon

For fans of electronic music and classic tracks from top producers of 80’s & 90’s. Music from artists such as Leftfield, Dr. Dre, Roots Manoeuvre, Underworld, Prodigy, Skunk Anansie, Fluke, William Orbit, Goldie, Orbit, Roni Size, Faithless, Aaliyah.

Dance Show 21/08/02 Declan Moore

The show appeals to anyone interested in electronic dance music.  The show features music from all the best electronic dance acts.

Folk Music

Folk 14/11/02 Siobhan Raveille

This show appeals to a wide ranging audience.  The focus of this programme is on folk and alternative folk music, bluegrass and alternative country.

Hip Hop

Step into the Area 10/04/02 David Lennon

This show appeals to an audience ranging from the age 15 -25.  The show is a quick fire, energetic mix of music and conversation.  The show features a lot of audience interaction with phone ins and text requests.

Hospital Requests

Hospital Requests 23/02/02 Anthony Bond

For anyone who is in hospital. Music depending on the individual.


100% Irish – Tracey Hanby

For a large cross section of the general public.  The show is an all Irish chart show.

Come To The Ceile Eddie Sherry

This show appeals to everyone with an interest in Irish and Ceile music. The show features music, guests with interviews.

Irish Trad

Best of Irish Ballads  – 08/05/05 –   Kevin Rodgers 

For a wide selection to cover all ages.  The show features the best in Irish ballads as well as some new ones.  The show also features interviews as well as a local entertainment guide.


Metal Show – 26/08/13 – Damien K 

The audience this shows appeals to is young and old rock and metal fans. The show features interviews, local music scene, Irish metal music scene and promoting non mainstream talent.

The Metal Show 01/06/02 Damien Kenny

For fans of Heavy Metal music & Metal style music featuring international acts covering NU-Metal to Death Metal. Bands such as Slayer, Metallica, Internal Hate, Therapy, Linkin Park, Slipknot etc.


Bits N Pieces 04/07/05 Alan Bogan

For a general audience.  The shows features pieces on local artists, local entertainment and local issues.

Cellar Vaults 20/06/02 Paul Donnelly

This programme appeals to people aged 35 and upwards.  T.V. music that charted, B side flops and B side hits etc.

Ceol agus Craic 28/07/10 Angela McQuaid

The intended audience of the show varies in accordance with guests.  The show will engage the audience through guests telling interesting stories and are well known in the local area. The guest will talk about a “Happening” in their life and pick the music of their choice.

DJ Ray’s Request Hour 31/07/13 Raymond McEnaney

For a general audience aged from 17 to people in their 60’s.  The show is centered around the idea of a radio request show, featuring Vox Pop’s asking people what is their favourite song and why.

Drive Time Show 12/02/15 Louise Dowdall & David Rogan

For a general audience.  The show features general music and also takes requests via text and email.

Good Morning Dundalk 01/03/05 Paddy McEneaney

The show appeals to an audience of all ages.  The show is an early morning breakfast show, featuring local news, traffic reports, time checks, weather, up to date music and community news and competitions.

Freddy Frisco Show- Freddy Nordone

For a general audience. Features include discussions about old and new bands from Dundalk and a phone in chart show.  Track list will include hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and right up to the present date.

Happy Hour 12/05/04 Colin Toner

For a large cross section of age groups. Featuring a humorous slant on the news, as well as a lot of different types of music from Stewart Agnew to Ash. The show also features music from adverts.

Memory Lane 27/05/02

For anyone who may like the sound of the 1980’s.  Music from artists such as A-Ha, Sting, the Police, Spandau Ballet, ABBA, Duran Duran, Queen etc.

Michael Heeney Show 20/08/12 Michael Heeney

The target audience of this show is people of all age groups.  The show covers middle of the road music, with a mix of folk, Irish, and rock music.

Music and Charts 17/07/09 Mark Fitzsimons

For all age groups.  The show engages it’s listeners through phone text and email. News about the top artists in the current charts, mixed with interviews from local people interested in chart music.

No.1’s Show 13/05/04 Michael O’Connell

For anyone who loves music from every era.  The show features hits from the 50’s to the present day from Ireland, the U.S and the U.K.  The show features music from bands such as ABBA, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones etc.

Quiet Time 19/03/10

For the age of 15 to 55.  All genres of music, trivia and news on each of the featured artists on the show.

Speed Spin Saturday

Show features include ‘songs you’ve probably never hear them sing’ and dialogue diversion, for your entertainment – 2 Unlimited, “Get ready for this” Jay Kay & Anastasia- “Bad Girl”,  Elvis Presley, “Let yourself go”.

The Weekend Starts Here 16/09/07  David Lessard

The programme appeals to a general audience.  The show features essential new music releases, gig guides, general showbiz and music trivia, cinema & DVD releases.

Undercut 15/05/03 Brendan Homer

For a wide variety of people of all ages.  Music and light banter.


Musical Mystery Tour 04/03/04 Anthony O’Hagan

For 25 years and upwards.  The show features music from different musicals.


Ballrooms of Inishowen 16/11/06 PJ O’Loughlin 

This show appeals to an audience interested in music from the Show Band era. The programme was a documentary about all the different ballrooms situated in the Inishowen area.

Golden Days 25/05/10 Mary Wallace

Intended audience, general.  Songs people sang long ago.  The show engages listeners through phone ins and emails.  Musical theme is all classic songs and oldies.

Magic Moments 21/08/02 Paddy Mac

This show would appeal to an audience aged fifty and over.  The show featured requests and guests and of course all your favorite golden oldies.

On the street where you live 28/07/10 Sean McEneaney, Paddy McEneaney and Alvaro Lucchesi

The intended audience of this show is the people who live locally in the area of all age groups that enjoy local interest stories.

The Freddy Frisco Show 12/08/03 Freddy Frisco

This show will appeal to a wide general audience.  The show features hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.


R’n’B Music Show (Urban Music)

For youth aged 16 and upwards.  All the latest music and news for the world of R’n’B, music from artists such as Destiny’s Child, Shaggy, Jennifer Lopez etc.

Rock n Roll

Rock around Dundalk 28/05/10 Tom Gernon

The audience the show is aiming for is people of all ages who enjoy good rock music.  The show features lots of classic rock songs from down through the ages from 1954 to present.


Ska Express 02/08/10 Anthony Bond

For anyone who has an interest in Ska music.  The show engages the audience with interviews with new bands performing live on the show and a mix of talk and music.

Ska Patrol 01/07/02 Anthony Bond

For everyone from the young to older generation, and anyone who likes the two tone Ska music from the 70’s & 80’s with songs from Madness, Bad Manners, The Specials, The Beat and so on.


Funk Soul Brother 02/05/07 Fiachra Hamill

Mainly for people aged between 18 – 60 years old, or anyone who like soul music. The show has a mix of music and informative speech. Everything to do with Motown, Funk, Northern Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop and sampling as well as specialised artist shows.


A Taste of Spanish 06/11/03 Tom Gernon

This show appeals to an audience anyone with an interest in Spanish culture.  The show features a mix of different Spanish songs, and vox -pop requests.

The Best of Spanish 01/09/02 Tom Gernon.

Intended audience, Spanish music is quite exciting so the show would be aimed at a wide audience. Issues/topics to be covered mainly Spanish pop music with a little Flamenco.  Musical theme – Las Ketchup, Joaquin Sabina, Marcus LLunas, Alex Ubago, Papa Lauante, Maria Jiminez, Las Pesques, King Africa, and Cacao.


Flava 27/07/02 Henry Kazosi

For teenagers upwards. Music news, charts and competitions.  Tracks from artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Mario etc.

Reggae Time 17/09/10 Radi Bel

This show appealed to all music lovers and reggae fans.  The show news from the latest in the reggae world, and dance hall selections.  

World Music

Beats International 01/08/02 Ian Coogan and Phil ‘T’ Tipping 

Intended audience, 18 yrs – 50 yrs.  Featuring a selection of eclectic music styles with live in studio sessions by local artists, outside broadcasts of live bands from different venues e.g the Spirit Store, the Fairways.  Musical theme to include music from African, Cuban, American Blues, Irish singer song writers, local bands, Reggae, Soul music and all local releases.


Growing Up Pains  27/03/02 Sean Kiernan

This show appeals to people in their early teens to early twenties.  The covered covered a wide variety of issues relating to growing up in the Ireland of today.

Little Things 26/03/02 Matty Rooney

The target audience of this show is anyone from the age of 16 years old and up.  The show features everything from the days news to the little things in life.  The show also features dance music from all DJ’s.

Saturday Mix 02/12/14 Conor Capplis, Aaron Collier, Steven Jimenez

For a general audience between the age of 12-17.  The show features relevant topics and music from local artists.

Teen Spirit 11/11/02

For teenagers. Covering gigs, CD reviews, new bands, music news etc. Songs from bands such as Nirvana, Metallica, Blink 182, Greenday, The Foo Fighters, Bryan Adams, Thin Lizzy, The Revs, Bon Jovi, Nickleback, local bands etc.

The Avenue 13/05/09 Valentino Tendai

For youth, young adults, students and school pupils.  The show engages the listeners through the Internet, Facebook, Myspace, newspapers, audio visual, print text messages, prerecorded phone ins & vox pops. Issues/topic to be covered, up to-date information & entertainment news. How to gain better life skills, and give youth a platform of expression.