Sports Shows

Here is a sample of the Sports Programme Proposals that we have received since February 2002. There’s more to come as we classify the stack of proposals and figure out where they belong. In the meantime, this is what we have – most of these programmes did get their place in the schedule, others never made it past the ‘good idea at the time’ stage.

If you want to add your name to Dundalk FM’s list of community broadcasters then call in to our Programme and Technical meetings which are open to everybody and are on the first Tuesday of the month at the station starting at 5pm.


Words & Music 14/12/10 Dermot Woods 

The show appeals to a wide range of GAA fans of all ages.  The show covers everything to do with GAA in the local area, and also includes interviews with special guests.

General Sports

Ball Talk

Intended audience people young and old interested in sports. The show is about sport mainly focusing on local sport ranging from, GAA following the progress of the six Gaelic clubs in the town of Dundalk at all levels and age groups, (eight areas for Cumman Peile na nÓg), the Hurling league and the progress of all county teams. Soccer: with the commencement of the FAI during the summer following the progress of Dundalk FC. Golf, following the major competitions held around the town and major sporting events nationally and inter-nationals such as the World Cup, Embassy World Championship and the Irish Open.

Midweek Local Sports Round Up 12/06/07

Intended audience, all ages people ages.  Issues/topic covered, a round up of all the weeks sports results for all local sports teams and clubs from Dundalk and the surrounding local area.

Saturday Sport 23/08/02

Intended audience 20 yrs- 45 yrs old.  Issues/topics to be covered, current sporting events and related issues.  Musical theme contemporary music.

Sports Celebrity Profile 20/08/02 Micheal Heeney

This programme appeals to a general audience plus interested groups.  The show features profiles of famous and infamous sports world celebrities.  

Sports Dundalk 02/08/02 Damien McQuillan

This show appeals to anyone with an interest in sports.  The show covers all sports, and all age groups involved in those sports.  

Sports Sports Sports

Intended audience, people of all ages interested in sport.  Issues covered general sports from around Dundalk and the local area including GAA, soccer, rugby etc.  Musical theme general chart music.

The Field Behind The Plough Micheal Heerey

This show appeals to a wide ranging audience. The show features the development of GAA clubs in the local area, as well as the history of local courses and grey hounds.


Racing Daily19/05/05 Gerard Mellon

This show appeals to an audience that are racing goers, enthusiasts and punters.  The show features news analysis, (main race at each meeting) and naps on the daily racing in Ireland and England.

Ice Hockey 

Bullseye – Martin Grant, Sonia McEneaney and Liam Burke.

Radio on Ice – a weekly radio show dedicated to the Dundalk Ice Hockey team the Dundalk Bulls.

Pigeon Racing

Pigeon Racing Desmond Murray

The show appeals to anyone interested in pigeon racing. The show features pieces on the pigeon race training, events plus clubs.


Oddly Shaped Balls 06/01/14 Geraldine Kieran

This show would appeal to sports and rugby fans.  The programme is a feature rugby show, review of the weekend’s games as well as all topics related to rugby.


Dundalk Days 10/06/05 Neil Ross

This show appeals to football fans past and a general audience.  The show features a different guest interview each week, interviews with Dundalk FC fans and everything to do with Dundalk FC.

Saturday Soccer Live 06/08/13 David Lennon, Ciaran Hughes, Ciaran Callan

The show appeals to all fans and people interested in soccer.  The show covers all things to do with Premiership, Championship and all European football.  The show also includes a text and phone in section.

Summer League Focus 04/07/12 Gussie Hearty, Robbie Rafferty and Alan McComish

The show appeals to all sports fans and people interested in soccer in Dundalk.  The show features interviews with guest and a discussion on everything happening in the Summer League.

Supporters of Dundalk FC 14/01/04 Derek Pepper

This show appeals to anyone with an interest in Dundalk FC.  The show features match analysis, player interviews, guest speakers, and fans eye views.

Water Sports and Activities

Making Waves 17/06/02

Intended audience marine and angling community, people involved in all types of water sports and leisure activities involving water.  The fishing and aqua culture community, wider community at large.  Issues/topics to be covered maritime news & features programme, focusing on Dundalk maritime heritage, including features on aqua culture, the Port Company, angling, sailing & fishing.


Wrestling Weekly – Denis Kennedy and Barry Kearney

Intended audience, wrestling fans, children, teenagers, young adults.  Issues topics covered in the show, results & success of WWE – Tough Enough.  Voxpops of fans, & interviews with superstars. Reviews of upcoming events and what’s happening.  Musical themes – Entrance themes & tunes of WWE Wrestling Superstars.