Covid-19 Return to Work Protocol

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October 2020

Level 3 Precaution and Control Measures

We are reducing social contact at the station.

  • The Main Studio can accommodate 1 person at a time instead of 3.
  • A second presenter could contribute from the Production Studio (Evenings & Weekends only).
  • Daytime, Evening and Weekend Self Operated Music Shows can continue as normal or a presenter can send in a pre-record/broadcast live remotely.





Covid-19 Prevention and Control reminders for our presenters.

  1. Please take in your own Headphones.
  2. Please sign in and out and record your temperature
  3. Please wash your hands regularly and use the Hand Sanitizer.
  4. Mic Foam Covers are available from any member of staff.
  5. Please wipe down the sound desk, phone, mouse, keyboard, CD buttons and trays, the general desk surface and chair before and after use.
  6. Guests may come into the Main Studio – make sure that they sign in, take a temp reading and observe the 2m social distancing restriction.
  7. Only 1 person can be in the Production Room.

Thank you. Stay Safe.

Alan Byrne



Pre-return to Work Form 20200605

Pre-return to Work Form 20200605

  • Covid-19 Compliance Officer, Alan Byrne 086 792 5171.
  • HSE 1850 24 1850.

Point out the surface points should be wiped with an(1)

Covid Poster 1 Dundalk FM

Dundalk FM Return to Work Safely Protocol – Managing the Risk of Covid-19.

3rd June 2020

Dundalk FM will carry out a Risk Assessment and update our Safety Statement in line with the 2005 Safety Act and HSE guidance on the prevention the spread of Covid-19.

We must not have a Covid-19 case in the offices or studio even if a person is being tested. If there is a case in the station the HSE might send everyone home for 2 weeks.

From June 8th, presenters are can broadcast live under the following conditions.

1. The completion of a Pre-Return to Work Form.

2. They can demonstrate an understanding of how to prevent Covid-19 from spreading i.e. cleaning using wipes, hand sanitizer, personal headphones, mic covers, maintaining social distance.

3. They can demonstrate an understanding of the control measures that Dundalk FM have in place i.e the Contact Log, what to do if there is a suspected case.

Name 3 symptoms of Covid-19.

Fever – 38 degrees Celsius and above – any type of cough, not just a dry one – shortness of breath or breathing difficulties, loss of taste or sense of smell.

Point out the surface points should be wiped with an

The Board of Directors are responsible for the following:

  1. Appoint a Covid-19 response management team.
  2. Have regular engagement with staff about Covid-19 and preventative measures in the workplace.
  3. Appoint one lead worker representative who must receive the necessary training – Alan Byrne is the Covid-19 Compliance Officer and completed iSafe/Dundalk Chamber Training and Certification in May 2020.
  4. Update the Covid-19 Response Plan.
  5. Update the Risk Assessment and Safety Statement and address the risks.
  6. Have contingency plans in the case of worker absenteeism sick leave and changing work patterns.
  7. Keep a Contact Log.
  8. Provide induction Covid-19 training for all workers and volunteers. They have to complete this before they get back on air.
  9. Create and issue a pre-return to work form.
  10. Identify a designated isolation area – Fire Assembly Point.
  11. Review the role of the Safety Representative and Health and Safety Policy.
  12. Update the Work From Home Policy.
  13. Update the Sick Leave Policy.
  14. Enable workers to work from home where possible. There may be a member who has a vulnerable family member.
  15. Support workers and volunteers who may be suffering from anxiety or stress.

Covid-19 Response Plan


  1. All staff and volunteers must sign and date a Return to Work Form and complete Induction training at least 3 days in advance of returning to work.
  2. Staff will receive induction training in the use of cleaning materials, contact log, and what to do if there is a suspected case of Covid-19.
  3. Communications/Signage
  • The Notice board at the lobby contain up to date advice and the phone number of the Covid-19 Compliance Officer, HSE posters, anyone who has a cough is not to come in – signs and symptoms. Instructions – what to do if a case is suspected.
  • Bathroom Facilities Poster – how to wash your hands correctly.
  • Email and SMS to members with a link to a webpage.
  • Update the response plan at staff meetings.
  • Regular meeting with board/staff.
  1. Everyone should have their own personal headphones, own mic foam covers and pens. You can collect your mic foam cover at the station.
  2. PPE There is a shelf with gloves, masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, spray, a bin for clinical waste and bags. We need sneeze guards at reception. At the lobby there is hand sanitizer, a waste bin with a lid and paper towels. The lobby door is kept closed.
  3. Air Conditioning The Units will be serviced in September and February each year.
  4. We may use a Rota if necessary so that the offices and studios can ensure social distancing requirements.
  5. We should be working remotely as much as is reasonably possible.
  6. Temperature Testing is required and a log will be maintained.
  7. temp check
  8. Cleaning Regime – the first and last person in the station is responsible for performing a general clean down.
  9. We have UV Light in the Main Studio for use when it is vacant.
  10. You may wear a face covering if you wish. It will not protect you against airborne infectious agents but will help stop the spread if you have Covid-19.
  11. You may wear gloves if you wish.
  12. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up.
  13. Risk Assessment – reviewed at monthly staff meetings and discussed at board meetings.
How/Where could people be exposed to Covid-19?

Where are the high risk areas?

Office Surfaces

Door Handles





Light Switches





Bin Bags


Wash basin

These are cleaned using an anti bacterial wipe by the first and last employee in the office. Employees maintain the cleanliness of their own area.
If using gloves, dispose in the bin and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.
Production and Main Studio

Sound Desk Faders


CD Unit

Schedule in a 15 minute handover gap in the Production Studio so that surfaces can be cleaned.

Use the provided Electronic Equipment Wipes as they have less moisture compared to the regualr surface wipes.


Mic Foam Covers


Everyone brings in their personal set.

Mic covers are available at the station.

Coughing (don’t come in!)
Establish good cough etiquette.
Digital Recorder Loans
Equipment is put into a sealed bag for 4 days.
Air Conditioning They will be serviced twice a year. Open the window to increase air circulation.
Canteen Maintain social distancing.
Smoking Area Maintain social distancing.
Studio interviews and panel discussions. These are allowed if given the go ahead by the Covid-19 Compiainace Officer – 2m social distance rule observation will be enforceable.

  • Members, guests and staff must fill in the Contact Log Book – this is to facilitate contact tracing by the HSE – please use your own pen or use hand sanitizer before and after writing in the log.
  • Contact Log
  • What should I do if someone shows symptoms of Covid-19?
  • Bring them to the Fire Assembly Point beside the barrier or to their car.
  • Keep 2 metres away.
  • Ask them to to put on a mask, use hand sanitizer.
  • Ask them to call their doctor.
  • Ring the Covid-19 Compliance Officer, Alan Byrne 086 792 5171.
  • Call the HSE 1850 24 1850.
  • Inform the first responder.
  • Alan/Padraig have access to the ICE numbers.
  • Close the area for 72 hours then deep clean.
  • Carry out an assessment.
  • Volunteer and Staff Welfare Mental Health – we can’t provide our staff with this service, instead please see the list of  support agencies in Dundalk below.
  • PPE supply list will be checked weekly – barrier mask, gloves, wipes, hand sanitizer, waste bin, paper towels, visor.

Just remember –

wash you hands

wipe down surfaces

maintain social distance

and put in a good shift.

If you have any questions please ask a member of staff.

Covid-19 Prevention Measure Pre-return to Work Form

For Staff and Volunteers – this is to make sure that you do not have symptoms of Covid-19 and also to confirm that you are not self isolating or awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test.

This is to be completed and returned to Alan Byrne, Covid-19 Compliance Officer or another member of staff at least 3 days before the proposed return to Dundalk FM studio.

Name: ________________________________

Questions Yes No
1 Do you have symptoms of cough, fever 38 degrees Celcius and above/high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties or flu like symptoms now or in the past 14 days?
2 Have you been diagnosed with confirmed suspected Covid-19 infection in the last 14 days?
3 Have you been in close contact with a person who is a confirmed or a suspected case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days (ie less than 2m or more for more than 15 minutes accumulative in 1 day)?
4 Have you been advised by a doctor to self isolate at this time?
5 Have you been advised by a doctor to cocoon at this time?
Are there any other circumstances in relation to Covid-19 not included in the form, which may need to be disclosed to allow your safe return to Dundalk FM e.g. are you part of a high risk or very high risk category?

If you answer Yes to any of the above, you are strongly advised to self isolate, contact your GP to seek medical advice before returning to Dundalk FM. You should stay away for the station until symptoms have cleared following self isolation. This information will be used only for Covid-19 Prevention and HSE Contact Tracing, if required.

Induction Training

  1. Name three symptoms of Covid-19.
  2. How does Covid-19 spread from human to human?
  3. What are the routes for entry for the Coronavirus into our bodies?
  4. I must sign in and out any guest I bring in. True/False
  5. Where is the hand sanitizer?
  6. Where do you dispose of tissues?
  7. What is social distancing?
  8. I have watched the video in washing hands correctly/ Yes/No
  9. What is good cough etiquette?
  10. I must bring my own headphones, mic cover and pen. True/False
  11. Have you given an ICE number to Alan/Padraig? Yes/No
  12. Is handshaking allowed? Yes/No
  13. Are you allowed in the Studio if there is someone in there already? Yes/No
  14. What would you do if someone showed symptoms?
  15. I must contact the station management if I answer yes to q 1-5 at any time.True/False

Signed __________________________________ Date ___________________

Guardian_________________________________ Date ___________________

CCO Signed _______________________________ Date ____________________

Date Received By


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