Communities Integration Fund Radio Course

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The aim is to Integrate 20 new voices into our community radio service by having a weekly reporter slot.


  1. Increased media literacy and technical skills
  2. Sharing their experience with the wider community
  3. Evaluating and presenting their new skills and knowledge to the groups they represent


1. Community Radio Theory

  1. Ethos and background of Community run and owned Radio Stations
  2. Radio programme Documentation such as Running Orders, links
  3. Programme Formats and Features
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Libel

2. Practical Radio Sound Desk Skills

  1. Setting Microphone and Playout levels
  2. Recording and Editing Show intros and links
  3. Creating a promo for a show
  4. Creating a 25 minute magazine show
  5. Listening Exercise
  6. Coaching on how to read out community notices, research and read out a news item