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Work Experience Policy

March 2016

Space and resources are in limited supply at the station so work experience opportunities will be managed as follows:

2nd Level (12 per year)

The station will dedicate four weeks per calendar year dedicated to Second Level Schools in the area. Schools will be written to with a pack containing a student application form and a covering letter. We will endeavour that all schools are represented and that there is a gender balance.

Work experience is for one week per student. The maximum number of students is three per week. The start time is 9.30am and finish time is 1.00pm and 1.00pm to 4.00pm. Work experience students are supervised by a member of staff and will receive induction training and a work experience journal on arrival.

3rd Level/Adult Education (4 per year)

The station will provide eight weeks of work experience per calendar year for Third Level and Adult Education students. Students are required to attend an interview. There is a limit of two weeks per student. Start times can be agreed on an individual basis.

Jo Bankole from O’Fiaich College provided this feedback:

Work Exp Feedback Jo Bankole Pg 1

Work Exp Feedback Jo Bankole

In all cases insurance from the school/college must be kept on file by the supervisor.